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HU problem


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August 24, 2001
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Waterloo, Ontario
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'96 Sport
Pioneer HU problem

My HU starts skipping when I turn up the volume when playing a CD but just for CD's, for radio I can turn it up as loud as I want and no problems (for cd's around volume 12 and over it skips, radio I tried it at volume 18 and it was good). I am using a 4 channel amp running off the RCA's so the HU's amp isn't even working.

This problem happens even if I'm sitting in park in my driveway and can't be a power supply problem because the radio doesn't cause it.

Any ideas.

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possibly vibration feedback? if you have bass going thru the truck, maybe the head unit isn't in tight, and it vibrates with bass notes?

First off 12 level on a cd player and 18 on the radio will be about the same sound becuase cd is much cleaner. But what is the gain on your amp, possibly its set too high. Try turning it down and then see what happens.

what model is the hu? sometimes the laser gets out of alignment and the slightest bumps cause it to read wrong or "skip" do you have some kind of warranty on it?

The HU is a pioneer premier DEH 330, it is almost 3 years old so no warranty. The gains on the 4 channel amp is half way up and the sub amp is maxed out on the amp but I use a EBC to adjust it from the front.

I'll try checking the screw to make sure it is being held firmly in place, if that doesn't work i'll disconnect the subs and see what happens then.

The HU seems to be held down well, all the screw are tight, when driving if I hit a bump it will skip but this sounds different. I've turned the subs off and it still did the same thing.

I've been planning on getting a capacitor so if it is a power problem that might help, I'm also getting a few fans because the amps are getting warm (new box/amp rack doens't allow for much cooling)