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I need help lowering my 2002 XLS 4WD.


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March 27, 2007
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'02 XLS
I have an 02 Explorer Xls 4x4. I have the eibach 1.6" lowering springs installed on OEM shocks. im happy with the way the front looks but would like the back to be level with the front. Help please....

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Welcome to the forum! Hmm.... what the lowering on the back? or is it 1.6" all the way around?

Thanks for the quick response, I have the 1.6" drop on front and rear. It just has that higher stance in the back and i have 20" rims on and there is just too much wheel well showing in the rear. is there a kit or something i can do to just the rear to lower another 2" or so?

Well that is why the lift kits are usually 1.75 rear and 2.5 on the front. Maybe email the company you bought the lowering springs from and tell em your complaint. You'll probably have to research the lowering kit. I'm not sure which other members have used lowering kits, they could probably give you an answer.