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JESTER wheels

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They are cool. What color is your ex? What size tire/model of tire do you plan to run?

wow those look pretty good... and for a great price... go for it!

black ex 265 70 17 and btf lift goes in when i get home in 3 weeks

thats going to be a nice setup!

looking forward to pics

Yeah, I think that is going to look pretty good. Looking forward to pics

Those look awesome! makes me rethink my original choice..

Hey just to throw this out there, I contacted Steve, at mrwheeldeal, to see if he could offer a lower price than the Ebay ad and he said he could do $568 shipped. It's only ten dollars but then again its ten dollars saved lol. If your military he can give you an additional discount as well.

Gonna be a sweet set up. Standing by for pics.................................:popcorn:

i cant wait to get home and finish up the truck ill be home in 3 weeks so i should have t soon then

The more I look at those wheels the more I fall in love with them. Can't wait to see them on your truck with the spacers, but I might be following in your footsteps..

Wow, those are super cool. Can you change the color of the little inserts?