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Joining the bandwagon, my 4L OHV build

im far enough in this to not turn back, so ill start this thread now.

starting with a truck that hasent been driven in 2 years before i got it. so its really dirty, ticks, needs some help.
im going for a mild top end rebuild. just a nice cleaning and new parts, upgraded performance parts. with a nice coat of paint to finish it up.
update: turned into full rebuild

parts list:
  • 2643 ANCHOR - drivers motor mount (rockauto)
  • 2641 ANCHOR - passenger motor mount (rockauto)
  • SP432 MOTORCRAFT - spark plugs (autozone)
  • WR4062 MOTORCRAFT - plug wire set (rockauto)
  • KS2358 FELPRO - full gasket set (autozone)
  • PR422 DNJ/ROCK ENGINE - pistion ring set (rockauto)
  • m328 MELLING - high flow oil pump (summitracing)
  • 432217 VISTA-PRO - ready rad radiator (summitracing)
  • E71531 DAYCO - upper radiator hose (autozone)
  • B71532 DAYCO - lower radiator hose (autozone)
  • 200-87684 DAYCO - heater-to-thermostat hose (autozone)
  • 200-87715 DAYCO - heater-to-water pump hose (autozone)
  • 58390 A-1 CARDONE - reman waterpump, they sent a 97tm (rockauto)
  • 300-942 DORMAN - water pump pulley (rockauto)
  • 300-004 DORMAN - power steering pulley (autozone)
  • 49237 GOODYEAR - belt tensioner (rockauto)
  • 5968 HAYDEN AUTOMOTIVE - idler pulley (rockauto)
  • 49-410-8 COMP CAMS - camshaft (summitracing)
  • R1092 SEALED POWER - rocker arms (rockauto)
  • VS1630 SEALED POWER - valve springs (rockauto)
  • sev-2027 SI VALVES - exhaust valves (
  • sev-2028 SI VALVES - intake valves (
  • UP94172S ULTRAPOWER - timing chain kit (rockauto)
  • 25053 CRANKSHAFT SUPPLY - reman crankshaft with bearings (rockauto)
  • 70mm 94/95 Mustang GT Cobra 19/24lb MAF (ebay)
  • ebay link - 90tm/93tm cylinder heads
  • ebay link - matched set of injectors
  • EF link - modded stock throttle body
  • GM3115200 chevrolet HHR electric fan from EF member
  • FAN-PWN-V3 SPAL fan controller from EF member
  • 1633S-1 JBA - headers and y-pipe used from EF member

later upgrades: 200amp alternator, underdrive/overdrive pulleys. maybe other stuff as i get ideas

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Those hàve all you need, except head bolts

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new heads. everything look ok? got the springs and 1 motor mount also





Take a flashlight and shine it down the three hole where the rockers mount and look into the ports and see if you see any light.the the flaw i had the hole was drilled to deep and went into the intake,not a big problem as you can thread seal the bolt,just happens when you get big ports.besides that they look great!! Yake a pic of the exhaust ports for me i wanna see how much of the humps and stuff they get ride of on the 93 your getn excited now!!

The intake ports,you shouldnt be able to see light.

Im off today but sounds like your at a stand still till you get a lift

^^^ yea im getting very exceited. especially after hearing brandons.

yea but you could always help with unbolting tranny, power steering, fuel line question i pmed you about :)

ill see if i can get a flashlight somewhere and look. heres the exhaust ports tho

Then your good to go! Thats all easy 5min stuff.if you had valves we could set the heads need to get a lift and i dont really know anybody

You know you wont be getting the big cam low lhmpy idle sound with the 410

yea im workin on the lift. i do need to order those valves tho.. almost forgot lol

yea i know it wont be real lumpy. itll still have a nice sound to it and ill try and make it idle as low as i can. i think it used to idle at 600-650 somewhere in that

are those the correct fuel lines to disconnect in the pm? and which tool is right? power steering, unbolt and kinda tuck/hang it out of the way? or does it have to come off?

Yea those are the lines,my tools look way different. Powersteering can stay on,just disconnect the lines

O yea heads are good to go.i wouldnt do anything to them plus they flow better than stock to begine with!those fuel lines can be tricky if you have delt with them before

you know i thought you visited me earlier. a lifted chevy pickup, loud, sped up to my house and stopped right after the driveway, turned the truck off, back on then revved a few times then drove to the house next door and parked there. apparently theres a big dinner next door to me lol

cool. well the fuel lines were easy as hell. only prob is i cant lift off the fuel rail cuz the fuel lines are tied down to a bracket on the ps bracket.
ps isnt out cause i cant get the bottom line to pull off. ill worry about it later.
im just gonna clean the gook off the parts that ive been soaking in simple green for now. i had valve covers soaking last night, dipped my hand in the water today, came out like i painted my hand with bed liner lol

Hahah no i was going to come by but got stuck doing house old folks are loaning me some money for new tires and rims:):):) that im getting sat:):):) so im basically a slave to them till i pay them back!!:( man i bet that stuff is nasty.glad you got those lines apart mine were a pita!!

i would ask for the tires & wheels. but i want 37 d44/9 5.13 :) *maybe* 60/60-10.25
yes its horribly nasty. the fuel lines where clean and silver under the clips lol i had trouble with the bigger one, the tool didnt want to slide in far enough at first. the other one took 5 seconds(after taking the clip off)

yea i guess they are quite large.. re-looked at yours and mine look a little bigger, and you had yours taken to a shop to make em that big right?
paperwork says 60cc.

edit: trying to order the valves, no one answered the phone :/

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Nah mine are somewhere around 46-47cc, stock they were 48cc. Your stock 90-93tm's are 60cc. I was just messing with yah :p: