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just got my 4x4 explorer 4.0 5 speed 500$ bucks

i just picked up my explorer about a week ago its a 1992 4x4 4.0 5 speed leather/sunroof for 500$ bucks,with what i suspected a blown headgasket(looks like cracked head now)
heres some pics ten minutes after i bought it


i towed it home cause it was free and didnt want to overheat it any more than the previous owner did

so far i fixed the ignition key, broken window,cleaned maf,tune up,cleaned the interior(mint now minus the ripped seats),slapped some slightly bigger used tires on it

my plans for it are a 2 inch spacer/shackle lift,procomp or bilstien shocks, some 31x10.5 tires ,new seats out of a newer explorer,some subs ,fix my cracked head/head gaskets, and get my 4wd to work.

i got the heads off today and it looks like a cracked head,head gaskets looked to be in good shape

can you tell which cylinder it is? ha


anyone know where i can get 2 replacement heads for a reasonable price?

i got lucky and it was just the hedgasket i paid 80$ to get them resurfaced and inspected and then i slapped them on

couple pics of me messing around