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Kicker Solo Classic V. JL Audio W3


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November 9, 2007
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1997 AWD
Which is a better sub for rap/hip-hop music?

Kicker Solo Classic
JL Audio W3

I am getting a custom box made like the Stealthbox, so I have limited depth and diameter.


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Either could sound very good or very terrible, it depends on where it's getting it's driving signal from and the enclosure. The speakers are about 60% of the sound quality. the rest is divided equally between the head unit and the amplifier driving the subwoofer and what sounds good to you...your question is an extremely subjective question.
Both of the speakers are good to excellent quality and the manufacturer's both have a good reputation. Most auto-stereo outlets have a "listening room" where you can compare the different speakers with the same amp or the same speaker with different amps. Choose what sounds best to you.

I would look at enclosure requirements first. If you do not have much space and are going with a small sealed enclosure I would look for a subwoofer that performs optimally in a sealed alignment.

The new solo classic is actually a VERY good driver. I was quite impressed with them. If you must have the original Solos, you can get them directly from the OEM manufacturer, but they're pretty expensive (you can get much better for less). They were built by Credence out of Kentucky.