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Kris Guilbeaux' 1992 Explorer XLT project is Home

Here is a picture of us loading the monster on the trailer to get here home to Victoria Tx where the 2wd will under go a complete rebuild. I will keep every one posted as the project comes about. The plans might change since the truck needs a lot of work. I would also like to Thank Michael and Randall for all there help getting the Truck to its new home.

Here are the Plans for the Explorer:

T-case: BW 13-54 manual t-case
Dana 35
extended Radius arms.
Skyjacker Lift
1" body lift to clear future Atlas 2
5.13 gears
I am also looking into stronger axle shafts.
Warn manual hubs
Rear: 8.8 5.13 gears with powertrax locker from Navajo
rear disc brakes

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A few of us were thinking either the slabs again or possibly gilmer.

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I want to go. Some crap about responsability and grown up crap probably wont let it happen. We are going to be moving, might be able financially to do a small trip, but Christmas is around the corner, and if my Navajo were to break? I would be screwed. Come do one of the CCR trips or something. All the J**p drivers in my family are planning a trip to Moab in spring, that is about the right time fro the Ex group to do one. I know that big green was destined for some rock action.
Hey, I have this picture on my desk top of your truck and a bunch of Explorers behind it and Rock Rangers behind that Going down a trail between two huge rocks in Moab, that is what I'm talking about. :D

you mean this Photo.


Well I do hope I can get to wheel with you before you move. But if not I will always be at Moab. I am Also gonna try and get to T-haven this year.

Yeah that it! Wheres Truck haven at? Az or Ca or what? I am hoping I will get more time for wheeling next year (that sounds like a good resolution) but I will be working a FT job and doing school FT, so we'll see. It pisses me off that my truck is getting capable and I have no time to use it. At least in Colorado, sometimes the commute will be challenging, snow and all. That might ease some tension!

I have the Axle in the Truck but I still need to do more. The Shocks are toooo long but I knew that was gonna happen. I can t figure out the E-brakes yet. Drive shaft is too short and I need the the spring over brackets welded on.




I was just reading in the latest edition of Peterson's 4Wheel & Offroad Mag and they had some info about High Angle Driveline's bolt on emergency brakes that mount to the rear output of a variety of transfer cases.

I didn't see any Borg Warner transfercases listed, but the Atlas II was.

If you don't have an Atlas II yet, there's a good reason or call High Angle Driveline and ask them nicely to support the transfercases in our Explorers.


Funny I had seen those before and was trying to find info on them earlier. I was thinking how this might would help with this truck.

I read about them too. They seem like they are a real good real expecially when converting to a disc brake system in the rear. The only quesition I had about them would be the adjustment. I'd imagen it would be along the same lines as a regular ebake cable but i don;t remember reading anything about that.

Looking good, Kris!


Kris, I have a quik question for you. I have had some major problems with my lower shock mounts. I heard that everyone just mounted them in the swabar holes, which was fine, but those mounts are side ways and too frar forward. The bushings take a beating and I am afraid it restricts my travel. Not only that, but I broke 1 off! It seems to me like the top hole would be even more of a hassel with it being too far forwar- have you had any probs? Also are your shocks the right length? If so what are they? Mine are too long and If I went shorter I'm afraid down travel would suffer. I am thinking of going with mudd***** suggestion of some universal ones from MOREDead Link Removed
But I don't think this would relieve the angle goofy angle. Any thoughts?


That is the Exact shock mount I bought. I had a problem with this mount because it is made for a much smaller Axle tube. It would have to be modified to fit on the 8.8

Kris, I envy you. I wish I had the ability to get an Explorer to take apart and rebuild as a badass offroader.

It's looking good! :)

Kris, when you ordered the shock mount, did you tell them it was for an 8.8? The shock mounts that I ordered from them fit fine...

Another thing on thouse shock mount, where did you find them? I've been looking for a place that sells them, as I also don;t like the angle that my shock sits at mounted on my sway bar mounts.

I ordered online. The one I ordered said universal shock mount. I am gonna try to get the Spring over brackets done tomorrow. I will report back soon.

so kris..whens the monster gonna be done? ;)

Isles- go to the shock mounts in the catolog on mountain offroad .

Mudd*****- Where did you put them at? Top or bottom of the axle housing? Are they out close to the spring pads? Did it solve the problem on them or are the shocks still in a goofy spot?

kris- The site says they are to alleviate the low slung shocks on an XJ- D35 housing. I bet a little grindage would fix them:D , but you should call them anyways and yell- you might get another set for free!

I am Gonna Try and take the Truck to a black smith today to try to get the Welding done I am going to take the shock mounts to see if they can do any thing with them.

The Blacksmith was able to make the Shock mounts work. All that is left with the Rear axle is the E-brake. The 5.13 gears are awsome. You could not make me go with any thing higher. It has so much Torque in 2wd, I cant wait to try it in low range. All that is left is install my Front axle and match front and rear lift, Order new Shocks, and remove some of the Body lift.

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you got pics of those shock mounts.....I need to do something with mine cause I Have a spring over and and am using the old spots and cant run my sway bar.