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liftgate rattle


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January 14, 2010
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paris, tn
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93 sport 4x4
has anyone had any problems with their lift gate rattling? if so what did you do to stop it or quietin down some? i have replaced my stricker bushing and that helped very little after awhile it gets annoying please help thanks in advance

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mine has the same prob, but i dont think its the actual lift gate that rattles, i think its the panel or something inside thats rattling , at least on mine.

but my lift gate is goofy, it sits like its pushed out about 1/2 inch ,and when you shut it , it doesnt feel like it shut even though it did.

i got my X from some crack heads, so im still finding some "crack head fixes " here and there .

It may also be some internal components from the lift gate...wiper motor, etc...or maybe it's not latching well, the latch mechanism is pretty cheap...I picked on up a few years back for a friends '94 that was hit in the it at a salvage yard for like $5 or something.

is it rattling from regular driving or subwoofers?

just regular drivin. with the gate closed if you pull on the passenger side corner it comes out about a half inch it could it be that? since its not latched all the way