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Long Add a Leaf..

The Breeze

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May 17, 2011
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04 Sport Trac XLS
I just got done installing the procomp 13120's on my sport trac and I am considering putting another leaf in to bring up the rear to match my spindle lift in the front. I was wondering if anyone has ever installed the long add a leafs on their vehicle.
Also if the explorer short aals work on my sport trac, shouldnt the long ones too?

Here is an example of what I am talking about..

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very recently installed a Superlift long add a leaf was reading that the short versions stiffened up the ride i have to say the long gave me 2 inches in height and the ride remained good


and before aal

Was it just a single leaf that you put between the original leafs? there are other kits that give you a whole new top spring, the one with the mounting points, and I dont really want that.

i grabbed a Superleaf long leaf it came with a new centre bolt and straps just added it between the top and second leafs easy install into a 96 H rated four door pack, got the height i wanted without a brutaly stiff ride.

a buddy with a 99 sport added a short leaf to an F rated pack man cant even use the coffee cup holders

Thanks a lot. I just added a short leaf and I actually love the feel of it. I was using air shocks to lift the rear of my truck before and it was so stiff but now with the short leaf it feels so much better.
So your saying the longer leaf doesnt really affect the stiffness of the ride too much?
And is your explorer spring under axle? It looks like it in the picture but I want to make sure. 2" is about what I need to make it level all the way around.

yep spring under nothing drastic and yes very happy with the long aal

Ok thanks a lot, you have been very helpful. This forum is such a life saver :D

anybody tried the pro comp 13133 or rough country 6123 long aal??

any other long aal brands out there i missed?

mostly wondering which would give the most lift. also wondering if any have the flat plastic slider pad at the tips like the oem leafs, and if any are tapered at the ends like stock ones are. the rough country ones LOOK tapered (small, poorly lit pics! personal observations appreciated!) at the ends - don't know if that gives a smoother ride or just reduces unsprung weight...

any other experience, pros & cons vs short style aal, etc.??