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Has anyone used add a leafs to raise the rear of an Expolrer? I know there is more labor involved than with a shacle lift. I was just wondering if add a leafs are a viable lifting option. The add a leafs I am looking at are the Pro Comp #13120 from Summit Racing.

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There are quite a few around here who are running those add-a-leafs. The install in more involved than the shackle lift because it requires unbolting the springs from the axle and separating the spring pack to insert the add-a-leaf. If you don't need the little bit of extra load carrying capacity, the shackles would be much easier to install and would likely result in more lift anyway. But, to answer your question, yes they are a viable lifting option.

i did both to give it a very slight "rocked" forward look

Personally I don't like them. I have them because they came with my Duff lift and I am waiting until this summer to have my springs rearched 2.5"s. They work great if you need a little extra GVW weight but they are way too uneven in the spring rates. They get really stiff really quick, so when you are going over a speed bump, the rear end just about comes off the ground. They aren't all that great for flex either, IMO. I think that a lot of thin full legnth springs work he best for flex and ride. Kinda like the OME's. I would really like to have those instead.

I tried them and hated it. My Navajo was sagging a bit in the rear due to 200,000 + miles, a heavy bumper and tire carrier. I installed 2" add a leaf. It raised the truck 2" at the axle, but nearly 9" at the rear bumper. Also as someone stated before they are STIFF and a ***** to install. I was installing a fence at the time and put over 1000 lbs. in it and could not see any deflection. I took them out and installed a set of 4 door X springs. It brought it back up and the ride is good.

BTW, if you want the 2" add a leafs I have I would be happy to part with them. :D

I didn't think they were that hard to put in. Them and the shackles were the easiest part of the lift. I only got about an inch of lift out of mine. The shackles did the rest. I think rearching is a very good was to go.

I have a set of add-a-leafs and tossed the shackles because I didn't like the look. The leafs hold extra weight and will give you about an 1" after settling.

I have the short leafs on mine. They help with towing but the ride really sucks.

i installed add a leafs and they are pretty kool. raised the truck 3/4 of an inch. made the load capacity in the rear better too. i'm not picky about ride quality though, since this is a "truck" and it's used for hauling stuff via trailer and cargo area with seats folded down a lot. i have the add a leaf and shackle lift in the rear, and jacked up my front 2 1/2 inches via torsion twist. no problems with the cv boots as of yet (knock on wood). the pro comp add a leafs are the ones i got too. let us know what you decide

They are definately a viable lifting option. National leaf springs are among the top. Great load capacity, *****in ride, and you won't be ass saggin no more.

so what's the deal with the long ones?? any better than short or what??

With my '98 I had custom full length add a leafs installed at a local spring shop. It ended up costing about $40 more fully installed than buying aftermarket add a leafs. I found a definate improvement in the ride and handling. Not to mention it looks much better. I got about 1.5" of lift out of these add a leafs. I think from the factory the springs are too soft. Mind you it was my work truck at the time and I always had gear in the back. Mine is on the right compared to one of our completely stock trucks. They are identical and actually sequential off the assembly line. Both are empty in this picture.


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When I installed an add-a-leaf on my 94 I noticed that it did go up substantially not to mention that from time to time I could carry a load from my local Home Depot without a problem. Then I came with shackles which raised the rear even more giving the truck kind of "pitched" look...... higher in the rear....

that's what I'd like to do in my 98 now..... replace the monoleaf and install add-a-leaf. My truck right now especially with the monoleaf seems way too soft and too bouncy for my taste. I had a scare once on a highway when a cabbie cut me off..... almost ended up hitting the concrete was hard to keep my Sport under control..... way too much body roll. At that point I decided to put on wider rims with bigger tires and replacing monoleaf plus putting different shock in all four corners. To be on a safe side next time I have to make sudden manouvers....

Dre, you are getting a four door leaf pak right? After I installed the shackles on my XLT it totally fixed that "bounce" in the rear, lifted the rear up an inch and the ride didn't get harsh. The only reason I am installing an add-a-leaf not for lift, but because when I load all my trail stuff along with my tire the rear sags about 1/2", so I need a little help back there.

yes, it is out of a four door. I'll see...... but I think I'll put an add-a-leaf on since I want to be able to haul stuff in it once in a while...... I want it to stay firm on the road instead of "dancing" all over the place when I move the steering wheel.