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Main Divide Run 9/23

i was seriously upset that i missed it, i woke up originally at 7, then fell back asleep on the couch after a restroom break.....then that was it.

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...ive got some work to do on the X on saturday...sunday would be week or weekend would be better...let's see if cyber can get smogged and tagged...;)

well, just keep me posted. call me up if there's any latebreaking runs. a few hours notice is all i need......

Well my dad would really like to come along on the next run up there. He is undecided whether he just wants to ride along or take his J**p. We'll see when the time comes.

my wife should be taking ownership of a new expedition (used) soon so i'll probably have to break that in.....
i know tbars, i know.....

...Just an update on the Main Divide Rd...I was at the USFS in Silverado today and it has been raining very little over the last few days...

...They said the Main Divide Rd. should open back up in the next couple of weeks but this rain may have slowed it down...The Main Divide trail is still closed from Silverado cyn to Indian Truck trail and with this rain it is reported that a section of it is unpassable...(I was in the X and they wouldn't let me go see if it was unpassable or not..:()

...The closure is due to last years fires and they still have Seismoligist up there and they are carefully watching the hydro seeding that was done...