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Manual Transmission Swap

alright, im a little confused here. im just starting to find out that ford never made the manual transmission for the SOHC only the OHV. when i bought the car, the dealer said i couldnt get manual and leather seats, he never mentioned i would have to get the lesser engine as well.

ok, so if the manual is only for the OHV, im looking in the Haynes manual, and it says, "1997 and later V6 models - 5R55E". so that means that the OHV and the SOHC uses the same automatic transmission, which means the connections onto the engines should be identical. so what im sayin is, how hard could it really be to do a manual tranny swap on the SOHC?

ive tried to forget it, but ive always wanted my ex to be manual. i figure i could either find a guy on here with a man that wants an auto, go to a junkyard, or even buy a new tranny, swap it in, and sell the auto, and do everything for fairly cheap.

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Ford started putting a manual on the 2002+ Ford Rangers with a SOHC, so yes there is a manual that will bolt to the motor, the problem would be getting a hold of one, since they jsut started making them

ok, cool. but if the '99 auto tranny bolts to both the ohv and the sohc, wouldnt that mean that the man tranny that fits the ohv would also bolt onto the sohc?

also, i was at the car show the other day. i noticed that the new 4.0L SOHC in the explorers looked a lot differently under the hood. are these slightly different engines, no one could tell me? i also saw in the booklets that the 4.0L SOHC engine for the sport, four-door, and sport-trac all had slightly different horsepower and torque ratings. how could this be from apparantly the same engine???

The engine do look different. I know the SOHC says right on it, 4.0L SOHC. I don't know about the engine specs for the different models.

I've never heard that the OHV and the SOHC use the same transmission. Haynes manuals sometimes are the most accurate. The OHV motor uses a 4 speed auto and the SOHC uses a 5 speed auto.

I swaped my auto out for 5 speed manual in my OHV about a year and a half ago. Not real hard, just a little time consuming for the first time.

Happy trails!!

What parts are needed for the swap?

JoshC has a list here:
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i just found out that on the 1997-on explorers with the SOHC, the Mazda M5OD-R1HD was used instead of the earlier Mazda M5OD-R1 which was used on the OHV. the difference is that the 1st gear on the HD has a lower gear ratio. so there seems like there was in fact a manual for the SOHC. does anyone have any more information on this?