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Me bumpers


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August 14, 2011
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Lynden, WA
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1994 Ford Explorer 2 door
Built a few bumpers for my rig. They dont look professional at all but they are solid and do what i need out of them. I mounted my winch behind the front bumper since i hate the look when they hang off the front. it was a tight squeeze. I put 2 D-Rings so I have solid hook points "Curt Manufacturing 83750 18800 Lb Cap 5/8 In Forged D-Ring W/Bracket". On the rear i used a receiver that I had for the truck and cut it down so I could incorporate it into the bumper. I also put 2 more D-Rings back there. Just thought I would share;)

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I like them, they look good.

They actually look pretty good. Nice job! :thumbsup:

Nice Zombie pushers.

They look great bro.