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Mercon or Mercon V?


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July 22, 2002
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'95 XLT
My owner's manual says regular Mercon in both tranny and t-case, but Haynes says Mercon V in the tranny and Mercon in the t-case. Right now I have Mobil 1 ATF in the t-case which meets Mercon, but not Mercon V specs. Is that OK?

Also, can I put Mobil 1 in the tranny since the owners manual says Mercon, or should I stick with Mercon V in the tranny?

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Go by the owner's manual. Mercon V is a relatively new fluid that (If I remember correctly) didn't exist when your truck was made. You can use the Mobil 1 if it meets or exceeds the Mercon specs.

Mercon and Mercon V are NOT interchangeable, they are very different fluids. Stick with the required spec.

Not sure on a 95, but my 97 Explorer requires Mercon. But, then again I have a 1995 Lincoln that takes Mercon V. If the owners manual says regular Mercon, I would go with that.

Good Luck!

I know M 5 is required for 96.5 trannies and up, especially if they have updates.

Thanks guys, I'll probably switch the tranny to Mobil 1. But don't manufacturers sometimes change the recommendations for fluids? How do I find out what Ford currently recommends for the '95 model year 4R55E?

Call up your local tranny shop.

the tranny fluid fill cap on mine has "USE ONLY MERCON V" stamped on it in big bright letters.

While I was at Autozone the other day I noticed that they are starting to carry some Mercon V fluids. They had AAMCO MerconV @ $2.99 qt and I believe Castrol which was slightly more. They both say on the bottle Synthetic blend fliud MerconV.