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message center in 02 sport?


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November 29, 2008
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las vegas nevada
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2002 ford explorer sport
Is it possible to install a message center in an 02 sport from a 01 explorer?

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for the earlier trucks, everyone has said you should find one from the same year. i would stick to that, so you don't have any problems.

didnt the four door bodystyle change in 02?i was goin on the fact that the 01-03 sport is like the 95-01 hence the 01 limited is as close as i get

if you can find one for cheap, i would say go for it. that way if it will not work, your not out a pile of cash. know this however, you will not be able to get anything oil related to work because your oil pan will not have the threaded hole, or sensor. that and it might be possible that your tank size will be different. i have played with that, and i can not get it to read correctly (and it drives me nuts).

i know some guy has a ranger in her with a 5.0 and he put a message center in his

so basically its for looks and mpg since the miles till empty will be off due to the tank size.the ranger im pretty sure had a a 22 or 23 gal tank and witht he 5.0 so it would be more accurate then my lil sport.