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Modifying the James Duff Lift?


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November 19, 1999
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'91 XLT 4x4
I was wondering if anybody has or knows how to modify the 2.5" James Duff lift to 3.5". i have seen it in their catalog where they had it modified to 3.5" and i was wondering if somebody could tell me how i would go about doing this. i have emailed James Duff twice now but haven't gotten a response. i was wondering if this type of modification was any hassles or what. please email me if u know or heard of this type of mod.


go get some front spacers for the front springs and then go to auto zone and get 8.5 inch shackles part #81400. Hope this helps

Ryan Jones
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I modified my JD lift to a 3.5" lift. For the front, as mentioned above, I used front coil spring spacers. There are several options here. Superlift makes spacers for the coil springs, or, as I did, you could have them machined. As for the rear, I redid the spring pack. I used a ranger pickup main leaf(for added flex), a full length Rough Country Add-a-Leaf, the two remaining explorer leafs, the JD Add-a-Leaf, and a removed overload(and the provided shackles). You could also bypass this and use the 8.5 inch shackles rather than the provided JD shackles. The auto-zone shackles as mentioned above, which if I am correct, are two bars per shackle without any center or lateral support. For offroad, this equals more flex, and for onroad, this equals instability.(If I am wrong about the Auto Zone shackles, please let me know). I have heard that Warrior Products produces a set of heavy duty 8.5" shackles though, which would be a good choice.
Hope that this helps a little, take care and happy exploring!

Todd Metzger
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