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Mounty71's Elite Registry--'91 Explorer

After saying goodbye to my 1992 Explorer in 2004, i've always wanted to get another 1st gen. Yesterday it actually happened when i took ownership of The Black Goblin, a 1991 Explorer 4x4. :D IT currently has less than 88,000 miles on the odometer, with the original engine and a replaced/rebuilt auto trans.

Here's a list of the modifications that I know of:

I believe it's a 4" rough country lift, with upper shock mount from '78 bronco and limit straps
the rear consists of add-a-leaf and autozone lift shackles
32" mud tires
15" American Racing 8 hole wheels
4:56 gears w/ factory rear trac-lock
open-air filter not currently installed
cherrybomb turbo muffler
big red front bumper and skidplate with 4 light mounts (Sold)
billet grill
aftermarket headunit and 2 subs inbox (subs gone)
center console from 92-94 explorer
CB radio under dash
hi-lift jack

Also, James, the previous owner, has gone through the vehicle and replaced just about every accessory in the engine bay.

35" M/Ts
locker (powertrax no-slip in the rear)
new front tube bumper and skidplate
electric driver seat

manual hubs
rear bumper w/ tire carrier
fiberglass front fenders (maybe)
deaver leaf springs
BTF cut and turned beams
KMC Enduro wheels
clear corners
...and one day, painted to match my green mountaineer

Here are some pictures the day after i brought it home.







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Does anyone know the torque spec. for the pitman arm? Maniak?

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170-228ft lbs

I have an interesting little update to this, rather sad actually. I got in the mail today a notice saying that a 91 Explorer was recovered in perris, ca as a burnt hull that was a hazard to traffic. :eek: I talked to the buyer of it who had been trying to find a way to contact me. He told me the story that when he went to register it it would not pass smog...don't know why. Anyway, while the explorer sat awaiting repair, he totalled his other car, so he was forced to drive the explorer anyway. That's when the transmission went out and was replaced by Aamco. On his way home from Aamco, the truck caught fire and then burnt to the ground on the highway. I guess it was under both of our names at this time, and the DMV needed a bill of sale to fully transfer ownership. So i'm sending that out to him tomorrow and it should be taken care of. I feel terrible for the guy, he was a nice kid, and i'm kinda sad that the explorer is dead. I'd been wondering about it. BTW, Aamco is paying him back the entire value of the truck and the cost of the new transmission, which is good.

Wow I'm surprised Aamco is stepping up to the plate.

wow that sucks for the guy and that sucks for the old Black Goblin :(

the transmission was rebuilt by black goblin himself, thats weird that it went out. but im not suprised with the 91-93 A4LD.

hmmmm i feel like i can relate to this.....

-i had a 91 explorer that caught fire
-when a car hasn't passed smog, the tittle kinda in nobody's name, thats the state of my mr2
-my old white explorer was sold and then totaled. and the same situation that he later needed a bill of sale

seems like AAMCO is legit

man this suks that it burned up. I can't believe that the trans went out. I must have been real hard on it. Oh well she had a good life while she was around.:(