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My 94 Explorer XLT

Well I got bored and decided I should go ahead and post my Explorer in the Registry along with the only pictures I have of it. I will also use this thread to post updates and information on any and all upgrades and/or items replaced along with the cost of replacing them.

I got this explorer a few months back when my father traded for it. I ask him if he would trade it to me and of course he said yes. So the headache begins ;)

182k miles, Full power, sunroof and auto rearview mirror. Bone stock 4.0 OHV with bad main bearings and stock A4LD trans.

So far I have done the basic things. Oil change, new plugs and wires. Replaced the tires, rainX wiper blades. I did install new RA bushing on the passenger side, Moog from advance auto they were about $45. The passenger side was already pretty much gone so I only replaced that side so far anyways.

I switched that side's RA out with one from a local junk yard because it had bounced around and wore a two inch long gash.

I replaced both transmission cooler lines to my aux cooler a month or so ago, They were leaking. My front main seal has a small leak, I added a quart of lucas the day I changed out my vacuum modulator.

I also found a receipt from autozone where a past owner replaced the shocks in 1997. They now need replaced of course. I've also now broken two lower shock bolts on my passenger side RA. I'll be getting a kit from Napa tomorrow to fix it for the last time until the new JD RA's :)

New rotors, repacked the bearings, Used front pads from junk yard(nearly new and rusted but FREE), new rear shoes, new wheel cylinders.

Here are some pictures.








These pictures were all taken on the same day. It had started to rain and I decided to play a little bit before I took that picture ^^^ I pretty much buried the back tires and thought to myself. Oh crap my four wheel drive doesn't work, I may get stuck :scratch: but when I let off the brake my explorer just pulled it's self out of the muddy corn field. 3.73 L/S maybe? IDK


Rust damage is worse on this side. The drivers side is not nearly as bad.

Since those pictures were taken I've removed the mud flaps and running boards. The rust looks much worse now but should be fixed and at least primed soon.

I have plans to get the engine rebuilt next spring. I also plan on lifting it sometime next year.

Next month I should be replacing the leaking radiator, May order James Duff extended radius arms. I like the way they are made and the new mounts look a lot better then the sock ones.

I should be replacing the mass airflow unit and transfer case shift motor this week.


The engine compartment looks worse now with the radiator leak and I had a power steering leak today that I already fixed.

I still have to....

Replace the shocks, Radiator (All aluminum replacement next month) Fix the rust. Fix the passenger seat part where the seat belt piece slides when the seat moves up is sticking.

Now sitting at 184,x.. miles.

I will update this as I fix problems and cause new ones :p:

Rebuilt T/C shift motor, replaced broken shock bolt, cleaned the MAF and reset the computer. 10/15/2009

It rides a little better but the shocks still need replaced. T/C shift motor is broken again :(

Flushed the radiator 10/17/09

Cleaned my IAC valve and eliminated my rough idle. Maybe now I can get more then 10 MPG average in town :D 10/26/2009

I've also located a used engine to act as my replacement next year when I get my current stock one rebuilt. While having it rebuilt it will be bored 60 over with mostly new internals including a new crankshaft, injectors, fuel regulator, and 60mm BBK TB and some kind of new intake. I will then try to find a dyno that is near by to run it on and check the HP and foot LB's at the rear wheels to see if it has noticeable improvement over factory stock 4.0's.

The used engine will get my old TB, injectors, throttle cables, and fuel regulator while being in my ex while the other is rebuilt. It may take me months to get it completely rebuilt that is why I found another 4.0 with 112,x.. miles on it for $250 ;)

I also lost the inside shock bolt from my new kit I got from auto zone. I replaced that for now...... Topped of the trans because the main seal is leaking also :(

Thanks all for now.

Edited 06/21/2011

Upper ball joint Dana 35 9.83 each (purchased)
Lower Ball Joint Dana 35 9.83 each (Purchased)
Coil Springs $73.79
KYB front gas shocks $38.89 Any opinions on this brand?
KYB rear gas shocks $41.99
Radius arm bracket front passenger $52.78
Power steering pump W/O reservior $49.89 Plus core
Transfer case shift motor $75.79 (Won't get if I find a manual transfer case)
Front and rear bumpers $40.00 (maybe)
Used Radiator $50 (Will get)
Warrior 153 shackles $70 (Old ones are rusting)
Used Radius Arms from member, Price is unknown

Total =$532.45
Not counting rims and tires.

Purchased the new ball joints from Rockauto, 5% off plus shipping for a total of $45.68
The price had gone down since I created my parts/price lists above.

Detailed break down, sales ticket.
Part Number Part Type Price EA Quantity Total
1994 FORD EXPLORER 4.0L 245cid V6 MFI (X) OHV
AUTO EXTRA / CHASSIS RITE AXK8673 Ball Joint $ 9.07 2 $ 18.14
AUTO EXTRA / CHASSIS RITE AXK8676 Ball Joint $ 8.96 2 $ 17.92
Discount $ -1.80
Shipping Ground (FedEx or UPS) $ 11.42
Order Total $ 45.68

October 13th 2009


Not sure if that picture really shows how bad something is messed up or not. Inside of the tire is wearing, just guessing, ten times faster than the outside. Since they have just 21k miles on them, I am guessing they won't another 8k miles. It's just the front drivers side, passenger seems fine. :(



Pictures of the explorer sitting in her new garage. Sadly enough its already full of crap and I've only lived in the new house for less than two weeks now. Moved in on September 3, 2011.
Also removed the roof rack, even more sad is that the explorer was just an inch or so from the garage door when pulling in. With it all the way in and the door shut, I have like two feet in the front and maybe one and half feet behind the explorer.


Someone loosened the lugs on my back left rim, broke one wheel stud and messed the rim up. Currently in the market for another one. Would pay around $50 plus shipping if need be.

September 8th 2011

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Well I got her all cleaned out and organized for the time being. But I figure she is mad at me about something now, I don't know what I did to hurt her feelings but after I cleaned her out I checked all my lights to make sure they were all working and they were.

So I was on my way to to pick up my father after he finished playing in his APA pool tournament in B-Town. On my way I noticed a police car parked off the side of the highway, Checked my speed and it was 56 in a 55. So I thought I'm all good no reason to get pulled over, Then I see his brake lights light up and my being the only other vehicle in sight I got pulled over. Turns out within 25 minutes my plate lights both burned out.... :scratch:

Still can't figure that one out. But either way I just got a verbal warning this time. After I picked my father up we took the country way home, seen some deer and once we reached his house we opened the garage up and just so happens he had a box of the correct bulbs I needed. A little pack of at least 10 914 bulbs. :)

Now I just need to figure out why my ex is mad at me for. Not enough upgrades/mods fast enough? :dunno:

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I finally found the wiring harness I needed to wire up my pioneer DEH-P6600 cd player. Walmart had it and even though it said 95 - up explorers on the back their book said it would work and it does, The harness for the speakers is junk so I won't be using that one. I will be wiring up all new speakers to the CD player as soon as I get the money to purchase them.

I will add the information on the wiring harness later tonight.

Also since I cleaned my IAC and fixed my rough idle I noticed my fan clutch is making some noise and since the fan has cracks between every blade anyways I'll be changing that when I replace my radiator later this month.

I also plan on replacing my ball joints and sending it in to get the front aligned. Right now it sometimes appears correct and sometimes the passenger side tire points out 1-3 inches further then the drivers side.

I have also since re-replaced the nut on the inside passenger side radius arm because the kit from auto zone is not quite long enough to put a washer on it and the hole in the RA is a hair bigger. For now it is holding together but I had lost the nut on the inside and my shock went back to flopping around.

It's also been about 3 weeks or longer since I removed the transfer case shift motor so I'm sure I'll have to top the transfer case off with fluid when I put a new shift motor on this month.

I will also be picking up my spare/back up engine later this month that I mentioned earlier, I will have to get a hold of that member to set a date and time. I also have to get a hold of my financial advisor to ensure I'll be getting the money when I expect it.

I've also been thinking about purchasing a set of component speakers for the rear doors seeing how it has two openings in it and finding an amp to power those speakers in hopes of better sound. Right now considering my explorer has a premium factory system is sounds like crap :(

The stock system in my mothers 97 grand prix smokes mine :(
It's only a three years difference too :rolleyes:

I think that is it for now.

The wiring harness that I found that does work is the scosche FDK-106. I think it was $10.00 at walmart.

Works in 98-00 Explorer
2001-03 Explorer 2 door sport
2002-03 Explorer four door
1995-97 Explorer with JBL (rear tuner)
2001-2005 Explorer sport trac

For every vehicle listed none are listed before 1995, My explorer is an 1994 but was manufactured in September of 1993.

Maybe this will help someone else who had problems finding the correct wiring harness.

I was poking around and thought I should post an update. Some of these upgrades may or may not happen in the event of funds running low, This is a list of some more important things that need to be done asap. In the coming week's after the 23rd I will be replacing,

All radiator hoses and clamps
PCV valve (I've had it for a month or so now)
factory fan assembly
all four shocks
battery (purchased new/used 1060 CCA battery for $20 02/14/2010)
battery cables
Passenger side RA bracket
New T/C shift motor
Change T/C fluid
Change diff fluids
Power steering pump
Flush the transmission

May also do these upgrades,
Wire up the Pioneer DEH-P6600
(Have to run new speaker wires and plug it in and that's done)
new speakers, Thinking 6 1/2's

I noticed tonight the power steering pump has been leaking down the pitman arm and possibly for some time now, fluid level seems fine though.

I may also have a busted transmission mount, I've noticed some odd vibration while backing up on steep inclines, may be because the T/C shift motor has been MIA for two months now.

Edit: I will also be purchasing a digital camera and an Elite membership here at explorerforum to show my support for all of the assistance I have received since September. I will be upgrading my computer, buying my son's Christmas and purchasing that spare engine in the coming weeks.

Another edit: I also recently noticed my driver side auto hub making a clicking sound. So I have to clean them. :rolleyes:

Tomorrow I'll be replacing my shocks and passenger side radius arm bracket. I will look at some digital cameras also so I can take pictures of the old RA bracket.

I also have a newer problem that may be addressed tomorrow as well.

Battery voltage started dropping. :(

Edit: Jan 25th, never got to that btw :(

Figured it is about time I update this, been really busy lately.

My factory alarm has annoyed me as of late, gone off for no reason what so ever, it's to the point where it sets off the starter relay preventing me from starting it once I disarm the stock alarm. So.... My baby has a date with a local shop soon to have the stock alarm reverse engineered and completely removed. this shop is rather expensive but they know what they are doing and their hourly rate reflects this knowledge. So while they have more time then I do they will also be installing my Pioneer DEH-P6600, and installing the new battery cables.

She has another date with another shop to fix the passenger side RA bracket, RA bushings on both sides, and they are going to look at the exhaust because something is loose and I am annoyed by the rattle whenever I am stopped.

She has yet another date with an engine rebuild shop to figure out why I hear what sounds like a fan belt squealing from behind the engine. Sounds like a sticking piston. they also are going to attempt to fix my missing engine. Take a listen to the ever so often knocking for the main bearings?!?

They will most likely want to replace the T stat, water pump, and maybe the oil pump.

Then her very last date is with an alignment shop which I have never taken her to. recently replaced the ball joints and the alignment guy said the tie rod ends look to be in good shape when I took her in for him to look her over and make any suggestions if something alignment related needed replaced. Then if all goes well and I am not broke, she will be getting fitted for 31's :)

Still have other things to do to her later this year but she will be receiving enough attention to hold her over for another month or two......

wooo! sounds like you've been busy! I'm gearing up for an exciting spring season myself haha

Factory recommended size, 235/75R15's. Good year wranglers I got from a local tire place. About $345. Walmart had the same ones for $60 each but they charge separately for everything and it cost about the same I would say.

The old tires were more of a street tire with one A/T on the front passenger side. That's the side I have problems with, Breaking shock bolts, RA problems, alignment problems. You name it that side has it :p:

I looked to see if I have a close up shot of the tread pattern but I don't.

Here is one I found online.


I've gotten some comments on these to be honest. Most of them were asking the size because they appear to be larger then 235/75R15's :dunno:

I guess they are OWL all season radial's from what came up on my google search. I had them mount the white letters out because I think that looks best with those tires. I plan on getting 31's next year and maybe selling these. Should have less then 10k miles when I replace them. :(

I am running the same tires on the rear. Pretty decent, but they really stink on wet pavement. But in the end its looks that matter...right? :D

I am running the same tires on the rear. Pretty decent, but they really stink on wet pavement. But in the end its looks that matter...right? :D

Yes they are pretty good tires, I have less then 9,000 miles on mine right now but just want something more aggressive as my explorer is about to retire from daily, daily driving. I'm hoping anyways. I cannot afford the gas she drinks, 12.3 MPG right now in normal lead foot city driving. :p:

Nah, I do play around some and that does make it worse. I am in the process of having the engine rebuilt in my 1994 sunbird which has a 2.0L I4 MPI engine. The last owner bought it on 10/22/08 and I got it on 4/6/09 with the engine locked up. I paid $100 for it plus a $60 tow bill from Bloomington to Bedford Indiana which was done by a family member on his rollback. Otherwise the tow bill would have been over $150.

A friend of the family, Terry Cummings, has offered a good deal on rebuilding a motor for my explorer and I hope the one I found is still available which has 112,x.. miles on it which I plan to have rebuilt, bored out, and worked over really well. I was given an estimated cost of $600 to $1,200 depending on the condition of that engine, heads, block and so on.

But since my sunbird has sat since I purchased it because I cannot find an engine for it, I am going ahead and having that rebuilt within the next few weeks and getting that vehicle going until I get more time/money to fix the explorer the way I want it to be done. Other then fluids the sunbird may only need breaks, tires, get the title in my name, pay the late fee for that, and insurance. Which with the cost of the engine rebuild shouldn't be over $1,300 so I have that covered and will have a ride while the ex is being doctored. :)

wooo! sounds like you've been busy! I'm gearing up for an exciting spring season myself haha

Yes, My explorer should be nearly finished by this time next year but.... I won't promise anything because it all depends on my current legal situation, $200 an hour lawyer, child custody. yeah, my boy comes first and I will do everything in my power to make sure he receives the care he deserves before I invest to much into my project/toy/hobby in the works.

Some people just seem to try and drag you down with them if they see that your getting ahead in life. Keeping up with the Jone's :censored: :p:

Well, Tomorrow she heads off to get the alarm removed and ball joints installed. I would install the ball joints but don't have the time or the tools. Not to forget the freezing rain and snow which has already started coming down :(

All together I spent about $100 on the ball joints for both sides, upper and lower, labor will cost $350 to have them installed. :(

Talked to the guy about the alarm, he said it is an easy fix, so only $25 for that and he said everything else will continue to work like normal. Meaning the radio, interior lights, and power door locks. So, total spent on her thus far is or well will be $475 for the year.


I may not get to do everything I posted recently due to another more important issue found here,

She has not gotten her new ball joints installed yet :(

Another day another problem

My poor baby :(

She is clean now though, my son decided to throw up in the back seat, so I cleaned the insides real good. Not detailed clean, but clean enough for a work truck/play toy :)
The outside is still muddy though ;)

nice x u got there

I should link this to the WHOOPS!!!! thread ;)

This is my update to bump my registry entry back up and may take some effort to complete with pictures of the damage :(

I have recently been dealing some legal issues concerning my son, after speaking with my boys grand parents on his mothers side of the family I was angry and frustrated. Like always I took it out on my explorer and the limited slip kicked my butt. Was raining, high speed mixed with a sharp turn and having the gas pedal to the floor didn't help the rear end keep me on the road.

Went off the left side of the road around 60MPH, got back on the pavement to battle the 4,000 pound beast back onto all fours before leaving the other side of the road around 45 to 50MPH, once if was back on the road I had the brakes to the floor before exiting the roadway the final time.

Needless to say I lost my newly purchased 32 oz Mountain Dew :(

The pictures of my March 22nd accident.


The tree I hit pushed the passenger side mirror in.


The dead tree I hit head on didn't leave any marks other than wood shavings for about a week :p:


The dent from the tree that smacked the mirror on the passenger side.

Once I left the roadway I hit a fence, knocked it down or ran it down which ever sounds better or worse :p:

The the rear end while flying hit the tree which pushed my ex around and away from the tree.

I then landed on the dead tree I had hit which left the tiny pieces all over my ex, I hit it with the front tires and bounced over it. Not good for the already bad alignment and busted drag link :(

I walked away without a scrap, almost broke my Razr because it died after I contacted the county police and was about to contact my family who were expecting me soon. It was throw with full force at the explorer and went flying in three pieces which were later found and pieced back together.

I have had weaker than expected rear brakes the entire time I've had this explorer, I have since loosened the drivers side rear shoes and tightened the passenger side shoes, that fixed that problem.

Other problem is the factory alarm not liking the high speed impact on the 22nd and shorted out on the 24th causing the lights to flash and horn to stay on while driving it down a main road in town at 2 in the morning.

It's been parked since, I've not had the time to (Read carefully) ground the brown wire coming out of the computer, located in the passenger front kick panel, to the body to bypass the stock alarm forever.

Also do not have the gas to put in the explorer, been driving my mother 97 grand prix and planning to throw another $1,000 at my ex in the next three months, parts list is.

New drag link, $75
Ball joints passenger upper and lower, $50
Used radiator, $50
T/C shift motor, $80

A new or used set of black steel 15" x 10" Rims, sanded and repainted black if used, estimated price $20 to $75 depending on if they are new or used.

Power steering pump, new, not priced yet.

Final item to start my off roading season is.

Cooper DISCOVERER STT's- LT33X12.50R15C for around $210 each. So a hair over $1,000 but its worth the fun, Just need a nice custom front and rear bumpers and high pound rated new winch, oh, and full roll cage :D

Nice updates eh? Will post pictures of all the work if my dad doesn't mind his shop being posted online, every tool you could dream of and two lifts :)

YAY! will be finally ready to off road soon, shouldn't have taken a year which is up in September. ;)


Was able to push the mirror back out.
The person who informed me of how to kill the alarm is a ASE ford master mechanic with 30 years experience.
May get 31" instead of 33" SST's

Also, If I continue abusing my explorer as much as I have I will be forced to purchase a dozen parts explorers to keep the body looking great. Should note since my ex is a 94 model, I was the first person to wreck it :p:
I'm proud to say it saved my life, another few inches to the right and the tree that hit the rear would have been the one hit head on. I believe my explorer is looking out for me as I have her :)

I love my explorer.

You were real lucky. Had the same problem going around a curve with the rear end kicking out. Wound up sliding sideways into a tree, smashing the passenger fender and blowing out a tire. Not fun. :( But I am still here today, so that says something about my Ex!

Glad to hear you and the truck are alright! I'd say go for 31's, 33x12.5s probably wont fit very well with no lift. Looking forward to whatever you decide to do: thumbsup:

Yeah these explorer are pretty tough.

Been undecided on the complete rebuild of engine and trans for four months now, thought about dropping in a 5.0 I got from a 94 F-150 for $125 with 78,x.. miles :D
Then perhaps a C-6

But I'm not really sure, will wait to see what happens once I fix the items listed above, all the rust and the rest of that dent. Hit in a tricky stop, double panels right behind that door and will have to pull out the rear panel to beat the upper part out. Unless I just skin the side and weld in new metal, to much work :(

Already have dog legs on order from LMC along with the runners all the way from the rear tires to the back of the front fenders will be replaced under the doors. Debating on that black paint job as well.

Was offered a 2005 Grand AM GT for $5,000 cash and had an offer already for someone to take it off my hands for $9,000 the same day. Would rather leave this ex as a full time toy and find a newer, late 90's model two door four wheel drive for winter driving and minor off roading.

Still don't know. Future career plans include the Indiana National Guard so I may not be in the states long enough to do too much, get my degree, complete training, and most likely ship out.

Was an interesting morning, four am I had to recover an 03 Jeep stuck in a mud hole, I really recovered it twice :p:

I never hit four wheel which means climbing under and manually locking it, then bolting the T/C **** motor back on. My rear bumper is bent up, good thing I planned on replacing that anyways :)

Will try to get pictures but already planning to fix it today or pull it off for good

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