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My old ex, and then came along my new ex

Here is one last pic of my old explorer: (im trying to sell it but its getting fixed right now)

Here is the new 97' I got last week:

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I am not sure what I will do to it yet, I will stay small though, possibly a 2 inch lift, and 31's though. I need this for all around, and keep the good mileage. The specs are: 91k miles, d4 ratio (3:73 LS), 4x4, 5 speed.

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I shall call it: mini-Splat ;)

Crazy that mine used to look exactly like that!

does it have a lumilogo?

i know you probably aren't interested, but i really want to see a black explorer with a black billet grille. it would look really cool... maybe you want to

expo.. i posted a thread a long time ago about getting a black limited and painting the billet grille black.. i dont remember anyone really giving any positive feedback. i have a black x now, but it has the chrome grill surround, so im gonna leave mine the chrome color. but i think it woudlnt be hard to just sand the grill down and paint it black, and i thought i would look cool.

splat is yours 5 speed?? i want to be mini splat haha

no, mine is auto. they're close though. slightly different consoles and the stick, and 4x vs 2x. The look is the same though. Yours gonna look like this someday?

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one day maybe... except 31's and 4x4. i can still spank you in my old one... except the wheel fell off on the way to school.

do you have any suggestions on a rack? i dont have the stock rails

Sorry- i like the Old one! Keep them both and have a wheeler and... something to drive when the wheel falls off!

Seriously, I like the looks of any sport over a four door. (probably only because it is just me and my wife)

anyone know where i could get a black billet grille.... iwould definatly be down for that

Yeh I really like my grille how its black.. I will get up more pics next week when I have my THULE rack on, I spent like $450 on THULE stuff last night online... but I did get the best prices I could have gotten. I will also get a picture of my new headunit when it comes, and whatever else I do! right now it still smells bad!! ahh

i had a black billet grille in my garage last week...

but it ended up becoming a grey with chrome flames grille for nnnick.

all you need to do to make one is sand it down and paint it with good paint and clearcoat. if i ever get pics back i can show you how it looked.

also, we seriously considered doing the black billet on this truck, but decided that in the future it will have chrome rims and with the bull bar it would look better chrome. what do you think?


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for an escape... that is bad ass, stick with the chrome