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my sport trac nearing completion


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July 28, 2011
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2002 Heavily Modified ST
installed new fog lights, 3K Hids in fogs, 8K hids in headlights, upper and lower black billet grill, black lug nuts, black ford emblems, and all new brakes.







Still have to paint the side scoops gloss black, and a few other things.

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Truck is at my tint shop getting front windows tinted 13% to match rears, and windshield 50%. Remote start installed, and my tail light tinting kit came in.

Im going to tint the stupid orange side markers, tail lights, and third brake light. May change out red emblem on tail gate with silver and black (if I can find one cheap) and possibly spray the emblems with black chrome. or just leave them. I dont know.

Then I may be done.

Then you will be done? You have plenty more to do!

side grill overlays = gay


Looks like your tow hooks have been pulled inward some. Check the stamp welds to the frame before you use them again.

My old landlord crossed the chains when we were pulling stumps and ripped the stamp welds completely out (I pulled five stumps before he showed up) then I let him hook up the next stump, big mistake.

Emblem looks sick. Might have to do that myself.

Haha dude. What was the time span between you buying the truck - to you doing the first mod - to now?? Can I let you borrow my trac for a month?? :thumbsup:

I bought it 2 weeks ago. Ill have a long list of everything ive done once its finished, which should be this weekend.

"Finished" just isn't an automotive word to me. I don't understand? :scratch:

this is just a spare winter vehicle for me :biggthump