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Nasty 2-3 Shift


July 5, 2007
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wichita, ks
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95 Exploror
Hi, guys.

Lots of wonderful information on here. Just read most of your threads on the 5r55e trans and looks like my problem may have been adressed a thousand times over but looks the the shift kits solved the problems. Mine however didn't.

So here is the problem if any one can help. Just rebuild my newly aquired 95 explorers 4r55e. Thing was thrashed! Had to replace three drums and all bands, clutches, steels, (the normal stuff), seals, etc... did the Transgo shift kit while I was in there. Put it in, take of and 1-2 shift nice 2-3 felt like something was binding, shifted real weird, 3-4 like a dream. readjusted bands thinking I had them to tight. nope still funny 2-3 shift. Then twice it flaired on me on the 2-3 shift, drop it second kicks right in, shift back to OD and keeps on going. Is it possible the EPC is causing this, since it is the one thing I did not replace, (wish I had known about it while I had it apart..)

Thanks for any advice givin....


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Forgot to add, doubt if it has any bearing on the situation but the 4wd lights on the dash flash every now and then. Haven't been able to pull any codes my Mac scan tool doesn't want to communicate, even with the newest updates.

Your nasty 2-3 *could* be EPC related. There is an entire thread on this subject with links...

Your "binding" feeling could also be the transfer case.

thanks for the response, in the middle of changing the epc right now, came to check your thread on the vb rebuild thinking there was specs on what it should ohm out at. Mine is 3.9 ohms. I guess thats in range, now I'm stumped.

Well EPC was the culprit so its fixed now, I hope. LOL!

Took the transfer case shift motor off and found the plastic bushing inside broke so thats that problem, will have to turn one on my lathe I suppose or find a piece of hose.