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Need Advice on 18" Rims

I just bought a 97 Monty it came with 16x8 Mickey Thompson polished 5 hole rims and 275/75/16? BFG AT's. Rims need a light/cleaning polish and the BFG's are about 80-90%. Since I am an old fart (43) LOL and I have had way to many lifted 4x4's in my life this thing just doesnt look right with all the rubber stuffed in the wheel well and I can tell were going to rub metal the first time one of those front control arms gets stuffed all the way to the stop. :eek:

So I have a new set <6K of Proxes S/T(sipped) 255/55/18 from an Escape I just sold. Tried the custom rims from the Escape and man without spacers that +38 offset made it look way funny not to mention they hit. So I have been looking for 18" rims. Its been kind of tough. The Monty is black but with a silver/met grey lower paint, bumper, running boards etc. Really not a lot of other chrome on the Monty. So I really didnt want to do chrome (lots of fits and choices in chrome). I looked at something that was black with chrome and its a posibility but just not sure how it all look. Then I hit on the old Mustang 5 spoke Bullitt wheel in the perfect color of dark silver and chrome lip. Comes in a 18x9 +24 offset and 5.85" backspace. has them for $152.99 ea free shipping. I also looked at Discount Tire they have there own "Replica" a similar wheel for $136.00 + 9% tax so it would be about the same. (But we all know Discounts policy) :confused:

Anyone know if these would work with no problems? And who would you buy from online or Discount? (I do do a lot of online buying so its not a problem). I also just got the Les Schwab 2007 catalog just came out today and really they now only have a couple "gun metal or hyper black" that look like they belong on a ricer more than my Monty. Plus they cost almost $$$ more per wheel. But if they didnt fit Les would fix that. So give me any ideas, or wheels you would choose with the black over silver/grey of the Monty. I need to stay with an 18" wheel and yes the old M/T 16"s and BFG's will be for sale here I am in Tacoma WA :D

Thanks, Shawn :salute:


Those (american muscle wheel)are really nice looking and personally I would buy them if they fit. However, I have never test fitted them. My biggest concern is the center opening / hub. On my explo, the front hub sticks out a little bit making a flush mount impossible. Of course, this can be remedied by a small spacer - although the (de)merits of spacers have already been discussed on this site extensively

Additional, getting non-hub centric spacers may not completely center your tire+wheel combination

American Racing has a couple of mostly black with a little bit of chrome or paint that at the same time do not look like ricer wheels. Check out the Chamber and Mojave models (18 x 9.5). And have a large center hub / cap for clearance. I'm sure theres more.