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new ball joints


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September 17, 2015
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1998 Explorer 5.0 AWD
My Explorer has a creaking drivers side upper ball joint, so i was looking into this and I figure after replacing the upper drivers control arm you should get an alignment. So i thought the passenger one wouldnt be too far behind and then i'd need another alignment. So i might as well do both upper control arms. and while i'm in there, after looking at the lower ball joints with torn boots, I might as well do both lowers too. and then why not do the outer tie rod ends as well. Replace the whole thing and only have 1 alignment to do. So i can get all of that, 2 uppers, 2 lower ball joints, and 2 tie rod ends on RockAuto for 147 with shipping. Advance Auto was 252 even with the 50.00 off coupon code. I'm using Moog lower ball joints and tie rod ends, but i'm looking at using Mevotech upper control arms. they have the same part# and are the supreme line of this brand.

Anyone use MEVOTECH? I've used dorman and unless i have to, I wont use their balljoints or control arms again. I usually use moog, but these mevotech look good.

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When I replaced the upper control arms & lower ball joints on my 00 Ranger I used all Moog parts & would recommend using them, because if you are planning on keeping the Explorer for a while & the upper ball joints go bad you can replace just the ball joint, & not have to replace the whole arm assembly. Also replace the upper control arm bolts with adjustable caster/camber kits.

OK thanks! another question now is, would there be a benefit to replace the 2 piece passenger side with the one piece? If the bushings are fine I was just going to replace with the same 2 piece design.