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New Head Unit can I reuse the factory Sirius antenna..


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December 5, 2013
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2008 Explorer
I recently installed a new head unit ( Pioneer AVH-x3600BHS ) in my 2008 explorer which had the standard audio system and I want add a Sirius unit also. Does anyone know if I can reuse the existing Sirius antenna that my stock radio used? I was expecting to see a Sirius antenna lead connected to the back of my old head unit.. but did not. I am assuming that it is wired into the smaller of the two wiring harness plugs that were connect to the old unit. Do I have to remove the old antenna and use the new one that came with the Sirius unit?

I looked into the same issue with my new radio/head unit, because mine had a Pioneer unit installed with a Pioneer SiriusXM tuner. Most of those are not pin-compatible with the newer units, and when I looked into the changes I could not use the Pioneer antenna with anything other than the Pioneer tuner.

So, my guess would be no. If you got a Pioneer unit then you should look for the Pioneer SXM tuner and antenna also.

Thanks for the info. That sucks, I haven't taken the old one off yet but I'm guessing that there is a hole drilled in the roof since there isn't a wire coming off of the antenna. I'm guessing the cable is routed through the headliner which should be make it fun trying to run the new antenna cable.

Yea, 10 days ago I would have had a Pioneer SiriusXM system to give you, but a yard sale to support my son's soccer team cured that.