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new HU for mach audio + rewire?


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October 13, 2004
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hillsborough, nj
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98 sport
i just bought a panisonic 3301 w00t! i originally had a mach audio system which i replaced the speakers with alpines and ditched the amp and sub and replaced the hell out of it... i plugged in teh new head unit and i get no sound out the speakers. the guy at cuircut city said i had to re wire the speakers... so my question is how does it get done

ok ill try and help you out here... i also have a 98 sport and just finished re doing mine today.
I went out and bought 50 ft of 18g speaker wire. And more than i needed in connections for connecting wires (i used male and female connections basically because i could just pull them apart if needed).
You need to take the door panels off. and basically re-connect to the speakers and run the wires back into the cab. With my headunit i spliced the wires into the wiring harness that came out of the head unit. Thats a brief description, if u have anymore questions just ask.

whoa.... you dont have to run new speaker wires. The 98 HU is amplified.. The stereo in your 98 is the same as what was in my 00. All I had to do was swap the head unit. Make sure your wires on the back are correct.