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Completed Project New Navajo Truggy build

Use this prefix for completed projects that are not "How to" articles or threads asking for help.
it must be very pleasant driving a truck that goes everywhere.
the child can be proud of you

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I've been watching this build for awhile, good to see that you got it in the dirt. Congrats on an awsome build.:notworthy

:thumbsup:Very impressive work of the front axle and suspension, WHAou I made the travel FRANCE for a ride with you immédiatly if you invite me ;)

Why is the exo shaking so much?!

Why is the exo shaking so much?!

Good question Matt.
I was wondering the same thing. This is what I think was causing that.

1. The rock sliders still need some triangulation. The cage ties into them in front of the door and behind the door. At this point the rock sliders are welded to the frame at a right angle. I need some gussets there.

2. The body is still on stock rubber bushings. If the problem persists I may swap those out for some aluminum pucks. Boxing in the frame will also help.

3. The front of the cage is not finished yet, I still have to run some tubing over the fenders and connect to the bumper that isn't there yet.

4. I also plan on welding the rock sliders directly to the body to help tie everything together.

Planning a New Years trip to Truck Haven. Anyone else planning on a trip there?

Have you considered adding some triangulation to the cage from side to side? You'd have to go through the cab but the strength gain would be worth it. And you probably already know, but only weld the sliders to the cab if you solid mount the cab, otherwise the body will just tear away from the sliders.

Fox 4" air bumps and Deaver springs

Here are my new (to me) Fox 4" 2.0 air bumps. They arent fully extended because I let all the Nitrogen out. If 4" is too much I can adjust their travel by inserting a spacer inside them.


I got to say that Deaver spring co is a top notch class act company. These guys will work with you to suit your needs. These springs new are $650. They sit a little higher than I had hoped. With a full tank of gas, tools, cooler full of beverages and 4 people I think it will sit pretty level.

I came across some used 14" travel Bilsteins for the rear. The Pro Comp shocks I was using were a piece of ****. Yes that is still a stock shackle. I don't want any more lift and this thing pulls a true 14" of rear travel, maybe more because my shock is on a slight angle. I don't think fabricating shackles will do me any good.

I bought some bump stop cans for the rear. Some day I will try to get air bumps for them also. I'll be checking Craigslist frequently


:cool: Great look.......;)

~ Dominik :exp:


with gold hands and a head that thinks well, it's amazing what can be done ......... certainly the time and patience more and some :chug: :chug:

~ Dominik :exp:

You still have the old superlift springs you took off? If so I really need them.

Unfortunately the reason I had to buy new springs is I messed up the Superlift springs.
I was attempting to make my own leaf pack and accidentally cut the wrong leaf there for ruining the Superlift springs.

They were pretty clapped out and bent any ways.


Cycling Deaver leaf springs

This seems to be the most popular way to cycle leaf springs.
I made spacers to accomidate for the leafs I removed and lowered the vehicle with the forklift. Took some measurments to see how long the bump stops should be.



Full bump

It pulls a true 14 1/2" of rear wheel travel. I guess I could get more if I wanted to modify the shock mounts and get longer shocks.
As it is now the springs have a drastic negative arc at full bump. Not sure how good this is for the springs.

Generally I think 1" to 2" of negative arch is acceptable, but unfortunately with the stock leaf mounts and the design of the frame of explorers, you lose a lot of bump travel if you limit it. And bump travel is your friend on a desert truck. That's why in the future I'm planning on doing custom leaf mounts.

Started on the front bumper.

Started on the front winch bumper today. Still have a lot of tubing still to run.

This tubing running in front of the grill is a random length just to hold everything together. It will be cut back later.



Removed the body mount. I'm going to solid mount all the body mounts

Maybe one day I'll buy a winch. Just wanted to make sure the bumper could handle one.


:thumbsup: ****, or you take all your ideas :rolleyes:

~ Dominik :exp:

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Bumper progress

Got a few more pieces tacked up. I only have about 1 1/2 hours on work nights to work on it.