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New Trail in Trabuco Creek..?

Saturday is good...

Jr. is sick, no problem, he'll be at home.

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...micromachine, are you still comin'...:scratch:...i will be monitering channel 3 on the cb...'s some pics from trabuco, holy jim trail i ran this afternoon just to check out the trout fishin'...:D








I just broke the cb, but I have a hand held... channel 3? I'll still have the ant w/flag...

Leaving home... Albertson's run first, Chevron next.

...i've been monitoring and i've driven the trail twice but no sign of donner...:rolleyes:

...anybody coming can stop by the trabuco store and cb me on channel 3 and i just met a kid from orange who wants to do a trail in his 4x2 ranger so it looks like i will be on/off trail all day...:D

p.s. don't run over the yuppies, it's saturday...;)

Tbars are you going to be there tomorrow morning? I gotta work today.

Ok I'm going to Trabuco right now. If anyone else wants to go call me. 714-876-3824. Also were trying to do another run tomorrow so if anyone wants to do that one insted let me know. Last thing, Tbars has space on his campsite for one tent to camp tonite. It's 5 dollars. See you out there.

oh dammit! I spent the whole day all around the area - Irvine Lake - stopped to rest. Bicycles everywhere, police and sheriff's deputies everywhere... I kept channel 3 open and monitored, I stopped at a few places and everybody kept asking if we were doing a show?? Well, if we are doing this again tomrow, I'll be there.

Channel 3

Okay, just called MicroMachine... I'll be there tomoro at 7:30am. When Tbars calls, I'll post the exact street in case anybody else out there is going - :cool: The cb will be working...

....look up trabuco country store on trabuco canyon streets out here but if you come thru rsm it's real easy to find...rsm rd till it dead ends into a shopping center, turn left, follow it down the tight winding rd and the wash will be on the right, if you cross the bridge the trabuco store is 1/2 mile down on the right...
...cb's work on line of sight, especially handhelds, and this is all hills and canyons...;)

Will do... I believe I was in that store. I'll go back there tomoro... there's a small shop connected to it, and then another store at the other end of the parking lot?

...waiting for donner this morning i perched so i could be seen...

...after a while i tried to get harley a gig valet parking cars but no takers...:D

...micromachine showed up and we took andvantage of a nice spot to take a picture on the way up his trail...

...and we proceeded up the hill...

...until the road this time he was reminded of 3 valuable rules to offroading...1) cb's are a must...2)recovery points front and rear are very important...3) and never ask me which road I think we should take as you may need to be strapped a couple times ...actually, i stole the 3rd one from boomer12's rules to a offroading...:p:


...we had a blast considering we were on and back off the trail in under 2 hours...tommorow am at 7:30 we hit it up again with micro machine leading with a map this time and be prepared to wash your truck when you get home as there are some puddles to hit and the trail is just starting to get dusty...

...this hill slide happened between 10a.m. and 1p.m. today...:eek:...check out the hawk on the wing at the top of the pic...:D

In that second pic, is there a big sign that says "No off road..."? It's just down the street from illegals looking for work??

#3=strapped, winched, strapped, winched, and strapped...:confused:

Looks like a good time.

I think I was a couple hours ahead of them... I sat at Rose Cyn for a while with the flag up.

Canyon shooter

#3=strapped, winched, strapped, winched, and strapped...:confused:

Looks like a good time.

What's with the shooter you mentioned out there? Does he just randomly take shots? (Can we shoot back??) ;)

Back when I still worked down there the LEO's told us not to go up Blackstar cyn. because some nut liked shooting at Forest Service vehicles...:confused:

...I would think that OCSO has taken care of the problem by now, but you never know...:rolleyes:

...boomer, you should come down..those strap pictures were by indian camp and his truck started sliding sideways on the fresh grass on the road...50' more and it was a steep right turn on grass and we elected not to risk the truck or the hill sliding..:D

...donner, you got me on the pic of no offroading and also on the shooter comment...trabuco is private land surrounded by state and government owned offroading on the private for rose canyon, you are on the other side of the wash by about 100'...

..Froader, will you be joining us in the a.m.??? i just talked to micromachine and will will do the trabuco/holy jim trail first, then the new trail second and maybe a third trail over by modjeska but that depends on the NFS postings, the seismoligist out there, and if we still have time...:scratch:

Got it...

I knew it! A woman told me the o/r was on the other side by Holi(?) She said just follow the o/r vehicles... I know where you were/are now! Alright! This is good... You weren't by the sign, I was (they don't want people cutting through there, I got it now)

I gotta go w/the the hand held cb, the other isn't going to work. :rolleyes:

Last request... can we use channel 10? My cb says channel 3 needs a license? This is new for me, sorry :D I've been using it at low channels and high channels... oh well.

(I figured the shooter had to be a loon. With all of those people out there, kids too... anyways, be there tomoro! Thanks!

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. 3 is set and i would hate for anyone else showing up not able to find us on there...:dunno:...but it looks like we might have another stock X coming too so you guys will enjoy trabuco/holy jim trail...:D
...i'm heading of to the cantina up the hill to get something to eat and will try to check in later tonight...