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newbie to rims.. questions

Alright, going to get some rims for my X but not sure about a few things. thinking of 17-19" and then get whatever tires needed to make the wheel the same size as the stock ones.

What is offset?
what is the widest you can go?
(somewhere I heard that different rims could cause bearings to wear abnormaly... not sure if this is true or not?)
Do I have to worry about unusual wear on the bearings w/ different rims?
Will using spacers to give a wider stance cause unusual wear on the bearings? Are spacers safe?

Any suggestions/comments anything? I want to get rims but I dont want to screw up anything in the process.

1995 ex limited.


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What is your goal of the new wheels? Street Look or just a direct replacment? Why not 20"s?

looks and I want them to be wider. I dont want to be running a tire with a 1" profile =) I'd rather not feel every little bump on the road.

Go visit . They got the right wheels for our Explorer without having to worry about rubbing or nothing. I think they have 18x9 with 5.8-9" BS wheel and 285/45 - 18 tire to match it.

I want to get some white rims. I mean... it cannot be too hard... I know that people all over this board have rims and have gone to the max conceringing like width and stuff, I just need a few questions answered and I'm good to go =P


use the search feature or dig around here..theres lots of info to be found