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June 9, 2003
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Oceanside CA
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91 xlt
I noticed my fuel pump was making a high pitched sound nearly constantly. This prompted me to change it , I also had a bad float on the fuel gauge sender. After removing the tank and changing the fuel pump and sender I am still getting a high pitched noise! It is not quite as loud as before but still noticeable outside the vehicle. Any thoughts? Could it be something to do with the pressure regulator.

Any help greatly appreciated! :)

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the regulator is atop the engine, so I doubtyou would hear it.

As long as the pump and gauge are working and you have no leaks, I would look elsewhere for your noise or just get used to it :)

the IAC has been known to "whistle"

I have a new IAC on there. The noise is definately coming from the fuel tank area. Was wondering if the pressure regulator is failing it would cause the pump to run too fast? There by causing the noise.

I had an aftermarket fuel pump put on my 93 and it was really loud. Finally had it removed, got my money back and bought a new Ford fuel pump. It costs more but is very quiet! REALLY worth the extra money, IMO. Good luck! Mike

Anytime you are going through the trouble of dropping the tank, do yourself a favor and dont use the cheapo fuel pump, get a good one Motocraft or better.....

Same with clutch, etc....why drop that tranny and throw in a $49.95 clutch? So you can drop the tranny again in 3 months?

DAM & BLAST ! Oh well I guess I will just live with the noise, until I find another reason to drop the tank again!! On the plus side the fuel gauge works now :)

Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated

<y gauge hasnt worked right in two years, since I dropped my tank and replaced my pump with a OEM reads EMPTY for 3-4 days and I still have 5 gallons left....
So I'll trade you noisy pump for faulty gauge!!


Is it loud all the time, including idle?? Just want to make sure you're not mistaking a differential/bearing issue for a FP whine.

Yes loud all the time. Definately not the diff. Can sometimes get it to do it if the X has been sitting and the fuel pressure is down. Can hear it right in the area of the fuel pump.


Wish I could be more encouraging, but really the only thing that I know of to cure a noisy fuel pump is to change it. My first one whined so loud it almost drove me crazy. Made driving my Explorer very unpleasant. So I eventually had it replaced with a new Ford pump which ended the problem. Mike