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Observation about my factory sub wiring


June 30, 2008
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2004 Mountaineer Premier
I recently installed an aftermarket deck in my 04 Mountaineer with the sunroof.

The Metra Kit came with a harness to tie into the factory sub. It had 2 blue trip wires and 2 RCAs (R/L that were White/Red). The instructions say hook up the sub outputs to the RCAs and hook up both remote wires to the remote trip wire off the deck.

Looking at the harness this connects to I observed a few things. Only one of the blue trip wires actually connected to a wire on the other side. Likewise only one of the RCAs actually connected to something on the other side.

I only hooked up one of the remote wires and the amp turns on just fine. I also used a RCA Y cable to sum the sub outputs into just the one RCA that connected to anything. I think without doing this if there was any stereo bass, some things would be missed.

Anyone notice this before?