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OD Off & Service Engine Soon lights.


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October 21, 2009
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2002 XLT
I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT with 120,000 miles. My OD Off lighting keeps flashing but not every time I drive it. When I turn the engine off it goes away but may reappear the following day after driving for half an hour. My Service Engine Soon light came on too. My husband changed my air filter which was covered with dog hair since we have 5 dogs. But the light is still on. HELP!

Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread into the stock 2002-2005 section. You have to find out what the code numbers are. Not every scanner is capable of reading these kind of codes. A transmission shop should have the type of scanner that is needed.

OK. not sure if its the same thing. but my serivce engine soon light was on for about a week. than the o/d light started blinking and display said check transmission. this only did this once. took it to aamco to get a computer check(THEY DO THEM FREE). Came back as EGR error. which is just emissions realated. i check out the EGR pressure sensor. really easy to do and part is only about 30bucks. light hasnt come back on. now for tranny. nothing came back on computer scan. checked it though and they said fluid was low. so now im just trying to figure out how fluid was low cuz its not leaking anywhere