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odd miss fire


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July 31, 2009
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ft. smith, ar
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91 4x4, 93 XL, 01 mountie
:roll: my 91 4x4 ex has developed an odd problem... died flat out on the way home from a camping trip, checked fuel fire and air had no fire. after about 20 min had fire again a cupla miles later nothing, 20 min later fired up again few miles later same issue limped it almost home in this fashion. figured i needed a new coil pack so i grabbed a spare i had and replaced the one on the truck. fired it up, started on the first bump of the key, idle was smooth gave it a bit of gas and it started missing bad backfired a few times and died. so i hooked up a timing light started it up and idle was fine then it went nuts thing flashed like a strobe set to random, thinking it might be the ignition control module or pcm any ideas? i have a 93 parts truck 2wd would the pcm or icm work outta it? my truck is auto tranny with manual 4x4 shift.

PS. sitting on the side of the road in summer with a truck load of camping gear 3 kids a wife and a dog is NO fun :(

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sry to bump my self but need to know if the pcm will swap?

If the 93 is an auto, probably*.
If the 93 is a manual, no.

*Check the part numbers for verification.

The ICM will swap over regardless.

both are autos, 4.0, only diff is one was 4 door 2wd <93> other sport 4x4 <91> ty weasel

ok need to pick yalls brains again.... will these 2 switch out?





'93 was a transition year for engine management. Some were programmed in the older, batch fire fashion, where the PCM fires each bank of injectors. The "newer" style used a sequential injection program where the PCM can fire each injector individually. If your '93 is SEFI, then it won't be a very clean swap, because you'll have to figure out how to wire in the injectors (or swap out much of the wiring harness). There were other differences as well (such as EGR and 2 O2 sensors). I can't tell just from the numbers, but you should be able to quickly tell -- does your '93 have an EGR system? a CMP (camshaft position sensor)? 2 O2 sensors? If it has all three of those things, it will be an SEFI version, and the PCM won't swap cleanly.

the 93 has long since been stripped and went to the crusher, the 91 is the one im trying to get rolling. so i need to know if the 93 part will fit in the 91 and run it. just trying to narrow down the issues.

PS any way to test the icm without buying a new one?