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Odometer trouble!!!!!!!!


July 1, 2006
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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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96 Explorer Sport
Hi all, My trip odometer and the normal odometer stoped working on my 96 Sport, 2wd.......165000 miles and the speedometer still works...HELP!!!!! what do I do, ive had trip meters go out before but the regular odometer still wokrd that time...now niether works...are there computer controled?..Thanks for any help

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The Gen2 speedometer/odometer is driven by an electric motor. Since the speedo still works but he odo's are dead, then it is very likely a problem with the gear drive between them. This is fairly common at higher miles and, as far as I know, there are no new repair parts available from Ford except for a complete replacement speedo head or cluster ($$$). I would check a J/Y or eBay and look for a used cluster from a comparable year.

There is a shop near Tampa FL that will repair the od/trip meter for about $100. You can buy the gears from them for about $50 or so. I bought a speedometer off ebay for forty. Haven't changed it yet tho. Mine is a '96 also. It works sometimes and not others. I can look up the contact for the shop if you want, let me know.

Thanks guys, if you change heads out, with a cluster that shows other miles than what mine has, how do you get your correct mileage back? and where is this gear that might be jacked up? I would like to look at it...

George, please give contact info when you can...thanks.

thanks again...Ron

Dna speedometers.com. Their address is in Tampa FL. Google 'speedometers' if you need more options. There are several shops that do this repair including one in Richmond VA. I picked Dna cuz they are closer to where I live and they have an ''800' number for conference calls.

These shops can reset the mileage legally, the option is to put a sticker on the doorframe indicating the actual difference in miles as I understand it. And you should get an affidavit from the shop I think.

Thanks guys, if you change heads out, with a cluster that shows other miles than what mine has, how do you get your correct mileage back?
It is a delicate operation and the legality is questionnable but here is an explanation of how to reset the odometer yourself:

This shows how to get the instrument cluster out of the dash:
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Thanks again all......here is something wierd.....the damn thing is working intermitinly.....it will work for a little bit then stop working again...all the while the speedo works fine....im gonna buy another cluster and go from there i think...thanks for all your help, and any further help/advice.

thanks, Ron

Thanks for posting this.. My odometer/trip meter is having the intermittant issues.. the local ford dealer directed me to an odometer repair shop as well.

I'm curious about exploring the option to replace my cluster. I have a 1995 Explorer.

Which years will work with my vehicle? (my 1995 has 4x4, but not the "AWD" option that later ex's have)..

basically at this point, I don't mind doing the work to switch out my odometer motor, but I've seen clusters on ebay for about $50-75.. that option is cheaper than having a shop repair my existing cluster.

Any thoughts?