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Opinion on this projector setup with HID kit.

I was looking to increase my light output and came across these. I was looking for something bright and I know HID in housings designed for halogen bulbs will shoot the beam everywhere distracting other drivers. Found this on ebay and was wondering if this anyone has had experience with this manufacturer or this type of setup. Thanks for the input.


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Those are just standard aftermarket housings that come with an HID bulb retrofit. They are designed for halogen bulbs.

The way halogen projectors are designed however makes them work a lot better for HID bulb retrofits than halogen reflectors. In other words, they are generally not annoying or at least not nearly as annoying. They are nowhere near as good as an actual HID projector, but, yeah...

As for any information regarding the quality of the actual kit or that particular headlight housing, I've got nothing.

Well for $210 I'm gonna give them a shot. I'll take some pics and put them up afterwards. I'm still assuming it will be a great improvement over stock and if nothing else, it will update the look of the front end. My fluted lenses are clouded and just look dated.

all I have to say is good luck, thats essentially what i have with HIDs and I am officially looking into a retrofit using '01 mounty headlights and retrofitting them instead. The light output has been much WORSE than stock sadly.

Well that sucks. I just got them today but I'll give them a try and put up some beamshots vs stock. Thanks for the input though.

Just be sure to go with 4300K bulbs.