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Painting the interior trim, My work-in-Progress


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April 22, 2010
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2001 Sport Trac 4x4
Alright! Got all the trim (minus the door handles, I'll do that on site) taken out of the cab. Instrument panel, center console, radio bezel!




Im sanding, taping right now. Gunna take my handle out of the front passenger door so I know how to do it tomorrow!
Wish me luck fellas! Will post up pics when everything is ready for paint:salute:

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That's one of the things on my To-Do list, been on there for a couple years just never got around to it. I have the black leather to replace the paddingon the door inserts. I'll get to those one of these days.

yaaaaahhh buddy! Lets get it started now! Lets get it started now! wooohoooo

Doors are off (minus driver side, I'll do that in the morning), Door handles are all sanded and ready. Sanding the rear speaker grilles (trying at least), the front trim piece surrounding the door handle and grille, and the radio bezel/ console/ instrument trim. Pics up soon, the internet out here is jacked up

Rebel- where did u get those!? I want some!!!

Get what? I bought the black leather in a roll from the local fabric store, it's more like pleasure but you can't tell by looking or even feeling it.

ah, i thought u meant you bought pieces that were black leather opposed to the nasty grey color :p

Think I just messed up my 4x4 switch... pulled the knob off and the bearing and spring fell out... anyone know how that goes back together?

I have black leather to cut to fit and replace the stained light grey pleather fabric.

Think I fixed it, guess we'll see if im driving in 4x4 lo or not tomorrow :P


Sanded Door Handles

Cleaned and ready for paint (will be prepping with rubbing alcohol tomorrow)

Little sister decided to play with my camera :) me sanding the passenger door

Door ready for paint


Doors ready for paint (rear doors have sanded speaker grilles)

Radio Bezel and Instrumental Trim ready for paint

Console Tray ready for paint

Elapsed Time: 6 hours
Time Till the end of my weekend and back to work: 18

Its gunna be close to get all this done, and my light bar hooked up :/ Im off sunday but idk where Im gunna be yet haha. More pics will be uploaded tomorrow as I complete parts of the project. Ill start tomorrow off by taping off the doors and instrumental trim, then painting them all in layers. While I wait on those to dry Ill be splicing wires for my light bar, then wet sand/ paint again.

Hopefully I'll have time either saturday or sunday to get my trac all cleaned up too, its filthy right now :(

All done! Doesnt look as good as I'd like, but I was rushed...

The door handles turned out great! went on smooth, looks good.

The radio bezel looks great as well as the Instrumental Trim and the console (cup holders were tricky...)

The door trim was were I hit a rough patch... litterally. Its rough, and doesnt look the best. My taping wasnt the greatest in 1 or 2 spots but besides that the paint went were it was supposed to. It just didnt lay down smooth. I blame my prep work.

Pics will be up by morning though. I work till 2:30 am and gotta hit the road. :D

Can't wait to see pictures of the final product. You could've taken your time and down one or two pieces at a time and drove the truck without the door panels, dash center console without any problems.

One of the worst things to do with painting is rush, but from what you say it should look good.

come on pics:D..ready to do mine with the spray dye just cant decide on what colors i wanna use..i had a neon that i dyed the inside blue and black and it looked sweet!!

Standing by for pics.................................:popcorn:

69Explorer69, what spray dye are you going to use?


Taped up

1st coat

Handles hanging off an old truck frame, thats how I painted them :)

Instrumental Trim

2 handles done and lookin' slick


Instrumental Trim is done!

Radio Bezel painted

Radio Bezel Assembled

Put back in its home

Instrumental Trim put back in

Front Door


Here you can see my error in taping... I can remove the mistakes later with some charcoal starter on a q tip, and tap over my painted area tho... maybe tomorrow after my taillight bar install



Rear door, these turned out pretty good IMO! :cool:


Finished product...

The paint in these was still kinda soft, you seee some finger prints in here, but when i got it all home it had hardened up nice and I got it lookin' nice and shiney b4 work.... only part(s) on the whole project I wasnt happy with were the door trim on the fronts i painted... I'll have to try again some other time, I can always sand em down real nice and go at it again, but for now I like it enough to live with it :) gimme feedback

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Great job man, looks really good. Try not to touch it too much for a couple days, it'll still be tacky (thus fingerprints). Now I'm gonna have to start on mine and get it done before summers over.

Been on my list since I bought it almost 6 years ago just like the cladding and bumper covers. Did you clear it or no? High gloss, Satin?

Next time you paint and mask, use less tape and more platic or paper for outer area's, just a suggestion. When masking off with tape around edges use a razor for clean lines.