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part number for 95 ex steering ext for body lift


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March 23, 1999
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95 xlt
anybody have the PA part number for the steering extension for a 95? I am looking for one that is the exact fit, the first one that came with the ranger kit had to be dremeled out to fit and now there is play in my steering wheel, i got one from a pre 95 explorer and it has two male ends, i need one that is a female end and a male end i believe.

which model ranger or what part number do i need for a 95 explorer?



When I did my lift on the '95, I used one from a '95 Ranger and it fit perfect.

I just called PA and told them a shop lost the extension while doing the lift on my '95 Ranger ;) and I needed a new one.

Be prepared to crap your pants when you find out how much the extension costs though. :eek:

yeah i just ordered the one for the earlier explorer, and it didntfit, it was like 50 bones. hopefully i can send it abck and they will just send the correct one