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PAshooter's 2000 XLT


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December 2, 2010
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2000 Ranger
I got my ranger in late August from my grandparents. They bought a fifth wheel and a f-250 to haul it so I got the ranger as my graduation/birthday/christmas gift. My grandparents are amazing and even got it inepected and a full tune up before giving it too me so that was great.

On to specs:

2000 4x4 XLT
Extended Cab
Stepside Bed
3.0 Flex Fuel Engine
Automatic Tranny
3.77 Gearing
265/75/16 BFG A/T
Scott B's Vinyl Floor
Dual Audio H/U
Westin Brushguard
Custom Rear Bumper
Milage 163,000
MPG 17 City/ 14 Highway...(weird)

How it sat the first day I got it.

Next was the H/U that me and my brother put in within the first hour of me getting it.

Next I wire brushed and painted the running boards.

DAMAGE: First deer hit of my life. Glad I was dricing my truck and not my moms cavalier.

Next was a Westin brushguard bought for cheap.

Rear bumper that fixed my rust problem. Will be redesigning to carry gas cans and a swing out tire carrier.

Another craigslist find, a nice Leer Cap. Just needs painted.

And the latest mod was Scott's vinyl floor.


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nice ranger

Thanks, I have big dreams the truck haha, just need to stumble upon the cash.

There is never enough cash... :D

Glad you're enjoying working on 'er!

So not much has happened with the truck in a month.

Ezcept for today, my transmission went out and I no longer have a drive gear. So im searchin around for a transmission to get the old girl back on the road.

On a happier note I just saw that I made a typo with the mileage. It only has 110k

Nice Ranger, sucks about the tranny may want to try and post a wanted ad on here and

Looking good so far

Thanks for the compliments guys.

A little update on the truck, me and a few buds are going down this friday to get a tranny for the truck.

Cleaning out a spot in the garage so I can swap it in between working this weekend.

I also scored some 33/12.5/17 pro comp at's for 20 bucks....for 4 hahahaha. So im on the look out for some cheap 17 inch jeep, expo, or ranger rims.

Well...the guy scammed me. I bought a manual transmission. So now i need to sell this 250 dollar paper weight and find another transmission.

Its a long story but basically the guy told me they used the torque converter on his truck, and i only knew that manuals didn't have torque converters and auto's did. So I bought it...

Got a salvage yard transmission today, everything seems to check out with it so its going into the truck next week. All that i need to do is remove the torque converter bolts and then the trans. Im hopin i can get that done tomorrow though.

I'd take the seller of the manual trans to the magistrate, small claims court and get your money back. Your friends can be witnesses.

Planed on it, but hes from 2 countys over so i think itd be more trouble than its worth...I have a buyer for the manual coming next week and im getting back what i paid + gas money....But that didnt stop me from telling the seller i was taking him to court for theft by win (criminal justice major) haha

If you're getting what you paid for it that's good. The only way you'd win in court is if you got your money back and gave the tranny back to the seller. I'd call the local police dept. where he lives and give them all the info so they have it on record when he tries something like this again. I live in Pittsburgh and people try this B.S. all the time here until they find out I know more about automotive then they do. I go with all my friends when they get parts or even to buy a car/truck so they don't get screwed. Glad to hear everything is gonna work out and good luck with the build.

I didnt even see you were from pa. I bought it from a guy a little SE of was quite a trek.

Update: Transmission is out and new one is cleaned and ready to go in.

The transmission is in and it shifts so much better than the old one plus has 1st gear haha. I just have to put the front drive shaft on and clean up the truck and itll be completely done.

Next mods are going to be some rock sliders because i broke one of my running boards when i stepped into the cab (PA rust haha)

Good to hear a used tranny worked for you, I myself am leary of buying a used auto.

Good to hear a used tranny worked for you, I myself am leary of buying a used auto.

I hear you there glen, but its probably a hell of a lot cheaper, to have a shop rebuild and install is about 2k.

Good looking Ranger, should look good with the rock sliders. Trust me, i know all about the PA rust too.

I was worried! haha especially after i got scammed by the guy. Luckily the auto salvage place i went to has a good reputation and is about 2 miles away so its close. I also have 30 days to return it if i dont want it. But from todays driving im pretty sure I want it haha

I have been starting to think of how im going to get my cap painted, im torn between two choices.

The classic matched paint:

Or bedlined:

Keep in mind im going to be bedlining up to the body line also.

I think im leaning towards just color matched but what do you guys think?

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