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PAshooter's 2000 XLT

I think I will go with green once the cash comes in haha. Today me and my stepdad were out in the garage and we found his old Uniden pc68xl, score! So now all I need is the coax and a antenna and ill finally have a cb

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Yeah I think I am gonna go with the green. The only benefit of bedlining it would be the strength of it.

Today since it hit 70 I pulled off the cap, pulled the bedliner in search of rust (waaaay better than I thought itd be), did the air box mod, and found my step dads uniden pc68xl. All I need to do is get a cb mount, a firestik and coax and build a hood antenna mount

Its useful in the winter, or when I go camping. I have a cap, and a hard tonneau cover and I like the choices I have with them.

Yeah, I like having it. I dont always use it to its full ability. But hey, my truck likes to accessorize haha.

Monday after classes I got home and noticed that my shock was bent, so we heated it up and bent it back. Bilsteins are being ordered on friday!

Couple wheeling pics from yesterday.



Thanks, I definitely need a lift.

Im sad to say but the trucks really turning into a money pit. Monday I found I had a bent shock (no offroading) so im going to have to replace that soon. Then friday night me and a few buds went out and my alternator went out and left the truck stranded on the mountain. I picked up a new one after work saturday and got it swapped in and the trucks working fine now but the truck just feels a little off, I dont know how to explain it.

On a good note my mom bought me spark plugs that are goin in tomorrow, I believe I still have the factory ones in haha's expected of an older truck or car. But the whole bent shock...that's hit a bad pot hole? I'd think it'd have screwed up a ball joint though if its the front you're speaking of.

Well it slipped through the upper shock mount....somehow and it was resting outside of it. I dont know how it happened, maybe going over a bad railroad crossing

And I know it could be worse, and that I was lucky to be given the truck. I just hate oweing my mom about 600 between the trans and alt.

Found a pic from the night my alternator went out, I believe this is the mud hole that killed it.

Yesterday I put in some autolite double platinum plugs and wires. I found out that was one thing that was killing my mileage. After the plugs it idles better and i got 1 to 2 mpgs more so far. It had those crappy bosch 4 electrode plugs in it.

JoeDirt would commend you on your decision to pitch the Bosch plugs.

That is a serious hole, more like a pond if you ask me haha

Yeah, I was with a dodge 1500 and a f150. Needless to say they didnt think the "little green ranger" had it in it.

Today I mounted and put on my new to me tires. 2 are nankang mudstar radials and 2 are cooper discoverer S/T's. Theire 285/75r16's and I think they make it look awesome.
For comparison, this is before with 265's


And here is with 285's


And heres to show that i still have alot of room to flex.


Not much has happened lately with the truck. Put on new rotors, calipers and monroe gas matic shocks last week. Im hoping to get my front bumper built in the next couple days but working 70 hours a week is making time a hard thing to find.

New wheels!
Their Cragar soft 8's in 16x7 with 4 in BS.



Also my body lift came in today so Hopefully Ill be up 3 inchs in a week or two

Truck is looking good man, looks beefier without the cap just my opinion though :)

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Thanks, and I agree with you. I think it without a cap is starting to grow on me