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Please Help, no sound with new stereo install!


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June 22, 2000
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1997 Explorer Sport
I just recently purchased a Pioneer DEH P4100 stereo and connected all the wires, plugged it in, turned the key and the stereo powered up but no sound. I am suspecting that it is the one wire which I didnt know where to connect, this being the Amp ground. The stereo had a wire for all of the wires on the wiring harness except for that ground. Where does it go? I had the stock Premium Sound System that came with 1997 Explorers. Any help on how to get my sound working would be greatly appreciated.

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I Think I figured it out

Well, I think I figured it out, I read an earlier post mentioning the amp turnon wire. I spliced that with the red stereo power wire and got sound. Was this the wrong thing to do? The wires did not get hot and no fuses blew so I think its ok...

I have installed a few stereos on Fords and if there is a stock amp....sometimes you need to bypass it...For the speaker harness...It may be like 1 foot of the trucks wires after you connect it to the new head unit...You need to cut out that 1 foot section and use the next connector....That is how I think it would work if I'm understanding you right....Hope this helped....Pete

The amp has a 'trigger' wire which turns it on. Even if the amp has power, if that wire isn't connected you won't get sound. I had the same problem a few years ago. The trigger wire sends a signal to the amp when the head unit powers on and then turns on the amp. Your current wiring setup should work fine.

which wire is the amp turn on you spliced? I know you did this a long time ago.