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Proposed system...


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September 15, 2003
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Jacksonville, Fl
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'98 Eddie Bauer
Im thinkin about a decent system for my X. Here is what ive come up with so far, feel free to make suggestions.
Head Unit:

Pheonix Digital 1600w 4 ch.

2 12" kicker comp VR's

Door speakers will come later when i have more $.

what is your purpose for the pheonix digital? Is it just to power the subs or is it to help power the whole system?

If its to power the subs I would look into a 2 channel or a monoblock amp. You are going to need something that will either get its power at 4 ohms or is 1 ohm stable. The dvc kickers are usually 4 ohm speakers. Now if you get the 8 ohm woofers than you leave yourself a little more flexability and can look at stuff that is 2 ohm stable (for a 2 channel amp that is).

Personally I would recommen Ebay.. I got my Kicker KX1200.1 on ebay for $350 brand new in the box and its a 2004 model. Not the 2003 design.. That amp is 1 ohm stable and will allow you to run dual 4 ohm woofers. Also my KX1200 has a birthsheet that shows it was tested and produced 1400watts..

Pheonix Digital is not a very high end amp and that 1600 watt amp will probably get you 800 if your lucky.. Also you might want to look into getting a 4 channel amp to run your highs otherwise the bass will drown out the other speakers..

Ok, so what are some other decent amps out there, just for the subs?

I like my Fosgate 1000BD can find them on E-Bay for around can get a 1500BD Amp or 1501BD Amp for around 450 too...