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Quick Question About Subs


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April 6, 2004
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Ok...I'm gonna feel really stupid after I ask this question and find out the answer prolly, but I'm gonna ask anyways.

I have a 12" JL Audio W3D2 and a 12" JL Audio W4D4...I have had them both for a few years now, and they were not sounding right when I uninstalled them.

The problem with them is that they are not hitting hard...it sounds like "blah" insteam of "boom"...to explain this further, whenever they are in the box, they are not tight. Whereas a new sub sits in it's box and the cone and sub itself is tight if you press it(I know, you shouldn't press them), but these 2 sit in their box and if you touch them/press them they go in...they are not tight. What is this called and how could I go about fixing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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the subs being lose as they go in is just a sign of an efficient sub with lots of excursion.

but in your case the subs are probably a little worn out aswell.

cant really fix it. once a sub is worn out its time to buy another, they arent super expensive.

gives you an excuse to upgrade :thumbsup:

Oh...I have the upgrade...2 15" Fosgates in a Custom Ported Box tuned to 35hz...I was just wondering if it woulda been possible to have those subs repaired or something and sell them...that just sucks...hahaha...

You can call JL, I have heard they will remanufacture them...Not sure how much it will cost though.

I was going to call, I have one shot 12w6 laying in my house. I just don't feel like paying to ship that sucker.

Woofers aren't always "tight" in their boxes. It depends on the design of the speaker system. Are you sure that the box is built to the proper specs?

you were running a dual 4 and a dual 2 both hooked up at once? i dont seen how that could sound right from the beginning...

No...I didn't have them hooked up at once...I had the W4 and then upgraded to the W3.

ewf - Yes, the box is built to the exact specs for the sub. They were tight in the box when I first got them and put them in. They are probably worn out though...I could see that happening.

It probably wouldn't be worth calling JL to repair them...shipping them out(finding a box for them first since I think my dad threw away my old boxes) and then paying for shipping and the remanufacture just means more money into them than what I can prolly get out of them. Oh well...that will happen I guess. I am going to go to the mall today and talk to some guys up there than run the local "JL Audio" stereo shop and see what their opinions are. Those 2 15" Fosgates are nice, but a little too loud for everyday driving(150.3 DB's) and I was thinking about using them only on occasion and building a stealth box...but I am not sure yet.

Thanks for the help everyone!!!

did u break the subs in before u pushed them? Unless ur overpowering them... i dont see how they would wear out like that.. especially JL subs. They shouldn't wear out that easily.

Yeah...I broke the W4 in for 40 hours and I broke the W3 in for 60...I was only pushing 300 to them...I thought it sounded odd too...I know a guy that bought a W3 the week before me and his is still running fine and he didn't even bother to break it in...so who knows...*shrugs*