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rancho quicklifts with spacers?

August 12, 2019
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02 explorer
ive seen a few different places here saying that you shouldn't combine the 2 lifts but have never found the reasoning behind it. why is it a bad idea? reason I ask is I have the quicklifts on right now but with the 33" tires I still rub sometimes and I have the spacer lift sitting in my garage. I would prefer to stay away from body lift if I can. I just know with the spacers if I can put them on top of the quicklifts will give me the clearance I need and will also bring my front end up more than the rear to give me the leveled look. I kinda hate the rake I have and don't tow enough to worry about that. also if I can use these lifts together it would potentially open me up for the option of going 35s next time I get tires.

How much lift are the spacers?

Anything over 3-1/2” to 4” total front strut lift is pushing the suspension and axle CV joints beyond what they can handle. Your ball joint angle will be so severe that you may actually shear the uppers out of the socket, or control arm. You will have very little downward travel as well, and will be prone to bottom out easily on road, worse off road. Your upper control arms will most likely be rubbing the springs. Your tie-rod ends will also be under more stress. Camber adjustment may become an issue. There are aftermarket upper control arms to help with the upper ball joint angle and spring clearance, but nothing for the CV joints.

The rear axles pass thru the frame, over 3” to 3-1/2” of strut lift and you may be constantly rubbing. Same issue with the CV joints and ball joints.

Appreciate the info that explains a lot. Much different with this rig than my Jeep was. Pretty sure the spacers are 2.5 front and 1.75 rear and the quick lifts are 1 and some change if I remember right so either way I’ll be pushing it I bet