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Rancho RS5000s or Monroe Reflexs??

Which shocks should I buy?

  • Rancho RS5000

    Votes: 29 64.4%
  • Monroe Reflex

    Votes: 16 35.6%

  • Total voters
I'm pretty sure that all Rancho shocks are made by Monroe, so you are getting Monroe either way.

I think the Reflex is a gas charged shock, which will ride better on the pavement than a Rancho will.

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is ricks problem common? Ive heard nothing but great things about the 9000xs and ive been saving up to buy them for like 3 months. should i still get them or is he right?

If you are really set on getting the Rancho's and don't do a lot of offroading, then get the 5000's. They are a better onroad shock then the 9000's which are better for offroading.

Re: Re: Rancho RS5000s or Monroe Reflexs??

Originally posted by draft
Where can you get some monroe reflecx's for $40 a shot? I can only find them for 50.


Sorry I just noticed this thread. Try pickproparts.com:


I installed Monroe Reflexes on the front (model #911122) $37.02 each at PickPro and Monroe Sensa-Trac load levelers (Model #58617) $86.88 per pair (they only sell in pairs) on the rear. Add $5.00 shipping and my total tab was $165.92. Of course I installed them myself.

Went with the load levelers on the rear because thay actually raise it up about an inch. Couldn't be happier with the shocks. Much better than stock.


Aw thanks, love the prices. Sorry it took so long to get back to ya. Question though. I wanna make sure I'm getting the correct shock for my vehicle.. when choosing your vehicle on pickproparts, the last option, "E" or "X" - I have a 98 Sport, which should I be choosing? What does it mean?

Also, got any pictures of your install? I'd love to see it.

I'm glad you like them.. looks like this is what I'm going with. :)

EDIT: Bummer, doesn't look like they have 2WD rear shocks for either, the Front 2WD's are the same for both "E" and "X". Guess I should look some place else -- got any suggestions?

www.monroe.com has a shock selector for your particular vehicle base on the type of ride you are looking for. I would check this out for applications on sport and 2wd. Mine is a 4dr 4wd so I am not exactly sure if the shocks for mine are interchangable with your sport but I'm sure there will be something comparible if not exact. Find ythe right shocks and go back to the propickparts site for prices.

Also check out this thread:


The first pic from John V (from Explorer Express) is the rear Monroe sensatrac load levelers installed.

the 'E' vs.'X' is a differentiation by engine type and it also corresponds to one of the letters in your VIN. I'm having a brain cramp right now so I can't remember which is which but one stands for SOHC and the other for OHV V6's. There is a thread on this somewhere so a search might help unless someone else chimes in. This is a common identification when ordering parts.

FYI the load levelers do not come pre-compressed with the string around them. With that coil spring on them it makes them difficult to compress by hand and makes the install more difficult. By using my McGuyver instincts I was able to compress them and tie wire around them to hold them compressed. You will also need to let the axle hang down as much as possible (jack up the body as far as it will go to get max separation b/tw the axle and body). Install one side of the shock and cut the wire and guide the other side into it's mount.

The front installation is pretty easy and standard for any front shocks. There is a 'useful thread' on shock installation in case you want a primer.

Hope this helps.


How is the ride with the monroe load levelers? Do you do any off-roading? How do they affect the articulation?


I do zero off roading so I can't help you there. The only thing I have to compare the loadlevelers to is the original stock shocks. I can say the ride is much better than stock but I have to figure that most after market shocks will be better than the original stockers.

I know...no help. Maybe someone else who does off roading with the loadlevelers will chime in.


Shocks do not effect articulation, the springs, coils and the nature of the suspension do that. They do effect the rate the springs and coils move up and down. Gas shocks put pressure on the springs both up and down. The Rancho's are not gas charged and only effect the springs on the return or downward motion.

Shocks do not effect articulation
Yes, I know that. The only reason I ask, is because the Monroe Load Levelers have an overload spring on the outside of the shock. I hear it actually lifts the rear about an inch.

If you want shocks that perform both on and off road, just go buy some Bilsteins. I have had lots of different shocks on my Explorer and am most happy by far with the ride on and off road with my Bilsteins, and they look very cool (brushed aluminum).

Just put Rancho5000's on, I do no offroading. They are much better than stock.

Alright. Voting in a poll that's almost a year old, started by somebody wondering what shocks to buy? People PLEASE! I know I wouldn't mind the poll option being deleted.

huskyfan23 said:
Alright. Voting in a poll that's almost a year old, started by somebody wondering what shocks to buy? People PLEASE! I know I wouldn't mind the poll option being deleted.

It is rather annoying to have all of these ancient threads (well this ones not to old) keep popping up!!!! Most of the time I don't even bother looking at the polls anymore. I figure they are all old, and some nube is hoping to build his post count the easy way. Too bad it ain't changing the numbers eh.