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Ranger Transmission


June 30, 2006
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oelwein, iowa
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1991 Explorer
het everyone just wanted to know what transmissions will fit in my 91 Ranger 3.0 auto, 2wd. trans is shot in it now and need it fixed asap. can i take a tranny out of an explorer and swap bell housings? or out of a 4 cyl mustang
(91-94) or an aerostar i think they are all a4ld's not sure ... i can swap bell housings as mine is fine but will it bolt up?? thanks in advance.

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The 3.0L bell housing is only for the 3.0L. The 4 cylinder, and 4.0L V6 bell housing should be the same. The tail shaft, torque converter, and extension housing are different too (4WD). Try to get another 3.0L 2WD A4LD. The 94 is the most updated stock version. Some versions have a different shift lever bracket depending if it came out of a column shift or a floor shift vehicle.

And the a4ld bellhousing doesn't un-bolt. As said you need another 2wd 3.0 tranny.

91 ranger

so i have a tranny out of a 93 aerostar 3.0 2wd and my ranger is a 3.0 2wd, will it work or do i have to change anything...i NEED my truck back on the road...water pump went out of the explorer and its too cold to change it:(. meanwhile the ranger is in the heated garage:)

91 ranger transmission

My tranny is going out im putting in a new one it came out of a 94. it is an 3.0 rwd A4LD. i have a 91 3.0 rwd ranger. wondering if it will work im worried about the speedometer cable if its electric or not? any one know if it will work? Any healp is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the quik reply!!! do you know offhand if the 91 is and electric sensor or a mechanical? thats the only thing the guy told me to check out that might not work or match up.

The speedometer is mechanical, it's a cable and small gear.

how hard would it be to switch over if the 94 tranny happens to be electronic? just not sure if its worth buying it and messing with it or waiting till i find one with a mechanical speedo.

rear trannsmission seal replacement

does anyone have any tips on how to replace the rear tranny seal on a a4ld? im replacings my transmission but need to change the seal on the one im putting in first. i tried pulling it but its old and all torn up. would i just be better off just bringing it in to a shop?

That seal is simple to replace. Disconnect the driveshaft, and pry that seal out with a seal puller, small prybar or a flat screwdriver. Gently tap the new seal into place with either a special seal driver, large socket, or a small pipe. The seal comes with the regular style boot or the deep boot.

Rusted exhaust bolts!!! Need Help!!!!

First off thanks for all the help. I have a 91 ranger 3.0 2wd. i am in the process of changing tranny's. Heres where im at the tranny is completly unbolted and ready to drop. Problem, i hoped i didnt have to drop the exhaust but apperently i do. so tranny is sitting on exhaust. i have tried everything impact drill, torque wrench, even heating it up with a torch (only handheld one). The bolts to the headers wont come out probly from the rust. I dont know what to do next. what is my cheapest alternative? cut the bolts? cut the exhaust? try another tool or way to get them off? bring it into a shop? the tranny is ready this is hopefully my last obstacle. please ANY help or advice on this topic would be more than greatfully appreciated!!!!!! thanks again to everyone.

When I dropped my trans, I thought "no way will I ever get those exhaust bolts out without snapping them!". But people here told me to soak them in PB Blaster for a couple days. I kept them wet, then after a couple days, I used an impact gun, and to my shock, they all came off without any problem.

oil cooler line cracked

Hey i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping out i got the new used tranny on yesterday and drove it around the block it seemed to run well once warmed up. first off im ready to blow the truck up it took way to long definetly not changing a tranny on my own again. i do have a problem though i cracked one of my oil cooler lines that goes to the tranny and its leaking tranny oil. i spent two days using a jb weld stick trying to plug it. not working im guessing because of the oil on the surface of the line :mad: i tried cleaning it. i was thinking about just cutting it and tossing a small rubber hose over it and crimping it not sure if it will work and i have just about given up. im to busy to spend all day on something that isnt going to work. just wondering if any on has any ideas or has ever had a similar problem.??? Thanks again ahead of time this forum has been a huge help never would have gotten that tranny on without it.

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Oil Cooler Line leak

Hey i tried the hydraulic hose with clamps but must not of clamped it down tight enough because the moment i got on the highway it started spurting tranny fluid all over. Im thinking of either the brass commpression union or just replacing the whole line. I have never replaced lines before so kinda learning as i go i am probably going to try the union first. I picked up a cheap flaring kit because i believe im going to have to flare the ends before i get the union on. If anyone has any tips thated be great. also wondering if the union has a smaller diameter on the inside than the line will the diffrence in pressure matter? or what if i replaced it with a copper line???