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Ranger Transmission

A flare union is different than the compression union. A compression union uses rings inside of lock nut caps to grab the tubing. It takes a straight tube without any ends. Check this link for more information: http://www.fmsiinc.com/steel-steel-compression-union.htm

Hey i tried the hydraulic hose with clamps but must not of clamped it down tight enough because the moment i got on the highway it started spurting tranny fluid all over. Im thinking of either the brass commpression union or just replacing the whole line. I have never replaced lines before so kinda learning as i go i am probably going to try the union first. I picked up a cheap flaring kit because i believe im going to have to flare the ends before i get the union on. If anyone has any tips thated be great. also wondering if the union has a smaller diameter on the inside than the line will the diffrence in pressure matter? or what if i replaced it with a copper line???

NO copper, NO flaring tool...........use the compression fitting that Brooklyn has shown or replace the line.

cheap (single flare) flaring tools won't do the job; you need a 'double' flaring tool to make a tight sealing connection. copper 'work hardens' and will break if there is any vibration, plus it's not as durable as steel. if you get a new line, you will also need a tubing bender to not crimp/close up the new line when you try to bend it.