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Rattle under my dash, 93 Explorer


January 29, 2010
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Westminster, CA
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'93 Eddie Baurer 4x4
I have a rattle under my dash board that is definitely connected to the selecter lever for my heater. In the MAX Air and Air position it rattles going down the freeway. When I slide the lever over to the right, towards the "Floor" selection or "Defrost" selection the rattle stops. I'm guessing it's the wire rod that hooks to the lever or maybe the door on the vent. I would really appreciate some help in identifying what the noise is and how to go about fixing it. Thanks everyone! ITBEBOB

Hey Itbebob, you should probably post this question in the 1991-1994 Explorer section of the forums, you'll get more views and answers than in the California Explorer's section.