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Rear Diff


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August 23, 2008
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Eagle Mountain, UT
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98' XLT 5.0L 4X4
Should a rear diff be really warm after only ten miles of driving? I got home and under it to find a seal sqeal (driveshaft to T Case) And the rear diff is really warm mainly right around the pinion shaft and the first bearing its cool everywhere else axle tubes, and the rear cover was cool to the touch to.

Any ideas? NO play in the pinion bearing either.

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I wouldnt think hot to the touch but warm yes. If you follow a truck in the rain or snow youll see the rear center section is always dry...

It will get hot but check to make sure the differential is still fill of fluid. If the fluid is [really] low, then it isnt getting to the pinion shaft's bearings which will lead to bearing failure.

Old differential fluid will also retain slightly more heat energy as there is more iron in the fluid.