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Rear end clunk 1994 4X2


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May 8, 2004
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2001 Explorer Sport Trac
Hello all~
I have a 1994 XL, 4.0L OHV 5 speed 4X2. The problem is this. Any time I park with the parking brake, and then get back in and release it, I back up, then resume forward and either one of two things happens. The first, I hear a loud clunk from the back immediately... OR.. the same clunk the second I step on the brake. Seems be primarily on the right side rear. Could I have a shoe binding on the backing plate or something like that, which would require cleaning and lubing? I did put new drums and shoes on a while back. It did not do this for about two months after the brake job so in theory it is not those.


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oh I should also mention... when I park without the parking brake, as in just leave it in gear... this does not happen. Initially I thought this was the U joints, and I replaced those with the help of my auto instructor (who is also an ASE certified tech),


Sounds more like your parking brake needs lube. The lines or something are just cluttered. The bang is from your parking brake just popping off because it jams up then pops off the drum at the first vibration.

Pullthe brake and go under the truck and mark the line (I think you can actually see the aircraft cable at one part of the line) with some masking tape or something. Let the brake go, go under the truck and see if its moved at all. Move the truck until you hear the bang and see if the line has then moved.

If the line didnt move when you let the brake off then moved when you moved the truck, something is stopping it. I know on my truck and a bunch of other its the lines crapping up.

Thats my opinion.

When you all replaced the driveshaft u-joints, I assume you also lubricated the slip yoke while you were at it...

okay all thanks for your help.... I tore into it today and found that my adjuster cable on the right side snapped. Replaced all the adjuster components on each side and no more clunk. Brakes are tighter too. I however did uncover that the wheel cylinders I replaced 3 months ago are leaking again. So she goes to the shop, because I have no time to fix it now. Thanks all!!!!! I'm getting closer to a time period without repair. We'll see


monkeydude3 said:
wheel cylinders I replaced 3 months ago are leaking again

wait, what? Rear wheel cylinders leaking? Do you mean the wheel bearing seal?

no he means the rear wheel cylinders inside the drum brake assembly, the hydraulic portion of the rear brakes.

410Fortune said:
no he means the rear wheel cylinders inside the drum brake assembly, the hydraulic portion of the rear brakes.

oh yeah the slave cylinder piston thing