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Refinishing stock wheels

Brian Jordan

March 28, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
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2010 Limited V8
So, about to pick up a 2010 Limited. It's in really nice shape, except for the wheels. The OEM coating on the factory 20 inch wheels is shot. Has anyone ever attempted to refinish the factory wheels? I've seen plenty of how to write ups, and videos of people just giving up and blacking them out, but If possible, I would still like to keep the polished look. I have clear coated polished aluminum wheels in the past and had the coating chip off very quickly, but this was 20-years or so ago, so I have to imagine painting products have come a long way since then?

Alternatively, I'd give them a black chrome look and have seen both of the Rustoleum and Duplicolor kits. Wondering if anyone has had experience with either and what the long-term results have been?

I have not, but I know a novice car restoration guy who uses it for aluminum brackets, where it does well.