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Wheel Clear Coat Cleaner

Over the years, the clear coat on my 93 EB wheels has become cloudy. However, I can put a lot of time into polishing them and they look fairly nice for a while, then the cloudy appearance returns. I suspect the problem is under the clear coat which may require refinishing, but I am hopeful someone might know of an aluminium clear coat polish that will do the trick as a last resort. Thanks Mike

Thanks, Gimp, that is a good site. Really like your white 94! Back in 1993, I started to get a white EB, but my wife and daughter talked me into electric red. While the electric red is pretty when clean, white would have held up better and would not have required so much care over the years. Have not decided what to do about my wheels yet. Really don't want to send them off for reconditioning and new clear coat. That is an expensive process. Mike

Yes, Gimp, you are right about white cars and trucks. Plus, it is a cooler color and the a/c does not have to work as hard here in the Texas heat. My wife's Mercury Grand Marquis LS is white and it has never shown any paint deterioration. I am convinced early 91-94 Explorer models will be collectables one day, so I will eventually have the wheels reconditioned with new clearcoat. Mine are the five spoke wheels. The gray accent wheel paint is fine; just the outside wheel faces have deterioated and are cloudy. Mike